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This energetic dynamic duo is kicking off 2011 in rollicking fashion. On Jan 21st they played the Grand Ole Opry; their first visit back since Eddies successful prostate cancer surgery, which he has been given a clean bill of health from, then they leave Sunday the 23rd for an eight day USO/Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. From a statement on the duo's website Troy Gentry adds, "We couldn't be more excited to start our year with a visit to the Opry and this USO trip to entertain our troops. We understand on a much smaller level what it is like to... Read more

Hey everyone. Came home from my step-daughter's high school graduation festivities to these great shots of what is reportedly Shania and her beau in Cairo, Egypt. How beautiful and romantic. Here's what the email that was attached had to say. Here are a couple candid shots of Shania Twain and boyfriend Frederic ThiƩbaud as they were on another global romantic vacation, this time in Cairo, Egypt. The shots were supposedly taken on May 2nd, by a fan who also happened to be vacationing in Egypt at the time. It's a little hard to tell that this is actually Shania, as... Read more

Oh God, please somebody tell me that John Rich has taken to breaking out in spontaneous song on passenger trains for random European people. That would just make my whole day. See John's in Europe for some reason (maybe he's taken his Shuttin' Detroit Down international or maybe he's finally taken that wife of his on a honeymoon) and has taken to his Twitter a couple of times to update us. From John's Twitter... I'm speaking to a very nice British lady on the train to Venice....she's NEVER heard country music, but she's going to now!about 3 hours ago from... Read more

Seems like we've been hearing about little Sunday Rose forever. I mean FOREVER! First it seemed like Nicole was pregnant for 24 months and then it seemed like another 24 months we spent waiting to actually see a picture of the blessed child. Now it's been about 2 years 4 months that we've been hearing all about how wonderful and perfect she is and how much she looks like Keith and will have an Australian accent while she says "y'all." Yep, by my calculation she should be eating paste and learning her ABCs at school right about now and it... Read more