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Amidst pop-country affair, there shines a voice as crystal as moonshine. That voice belongs to the one and only Sara Evans. While she certainly has had little radio success in recent years, that doesn't detract from her latest showing, the groovy, beat-heavy Slow Me Down. Set to be released on Tuesday, March 11, the project boasts 11 songs, including a sensational collaboration with the legendary Vince Gill on "Better Off." It's a guitar-laden song that is the most traditional-inspired of the bunch. As can be expected, Gill's harmonious, angelic voice tenderly caresses the ear drums -- easily one of the... Read more

Disclaimer: All posts written by guest writers on this website are solely that writer's opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the other writers and/or site owner. I respect their opinions and so should you, even if you don't agree with it. Sara Evans describes her new album as confident and sexy. I believe that’s what she was going for with the cover. Unfortunately, she’s a bit off the mark. Confident and sexy would be the photos included with her greatest hits package. Those photos are classy, and an unproven cure for erectile dysfunction. The new album cover... Read more

Twitter This week has been a bad one for pretty much everyone towards the Eastern side of the US what with Atlanta looking like a scene out of the Walking Dead and Polar Vortex 2.0. After many people, including young children, got stranded in schools, on highways, and in stores for hours and hours this week due to snow and ice, Sara Evans had a few choice words for those in charge of snow days at the schools. Sara, who currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her family, is angry that schools put kids in danger by making them brave... Read more

Multi platinum-selling recording artist Sara Evans, one of the most compelling and authentic vocalists in Country music, will release her highly anticipated seventh studio album Slow Me Down, on March 4, 2014. The album comes over two years after the release of Stronger, her second Billboard Country Album Chart #1. Despite five #1 Country songs Slow Me Down’s title track, released earlier this Fall is Sara’s biggest first week Country radio added single ever. The song has been steadily climbing the charts ever since. The video featuring NASCAR great Carl Edwards is now in heavy rotation on both CMT and... Read more

Great news for Sara Evans fans, Sara has completed her new album. Yesterday, the singer posted the above picture to Facebook along with: Got flowers today from Jay for finishing the album! So sweet! Thanks baby As for what fans can expect from the singer's seventh studio album, Evans recently said in an interview with Taste of Country that she's going for a fresh, new sound. “My goal every time I go in the studio to make a new record is to challenge myself a little bit more, to try to have the newest and freshest sound, but still the... Read more

Photo courtesy I went on Reddit a while back (because I'm a glutton for punishment) and ended up talking to some people about my lil ol' site here. One of them said to me that they were under the impression that bloggers were a dying breed and that there was no money to be made in blogging. Well I can definitely attest to the fact that there's not a whole lot of money to be made by the average blogging Joe (such as myself), but as for bloggers being a dying breed ... well don't tell that to Sara... Read more

Sara Evans debuts new video for "Slow Me Down"

Platinum-selling RCA Nashville recording artist Sara Evans premiered the emotional music video for her single “Slow Me Down” yesterday at Yahoo! Music. The video, which was shot in Nashville, features NASCAR great Carl Edwards who has become one of the sport’s most respected competitors. Sara once again teamed up with Emmy Award winning director Peter Zavadil (Sugarland, Jewel, Brad Paisley) who has directed almost all of her videos including the 2001 CMA Video of the Year “Born To Fly.” “Slow Me Down” is currently climbing the charts and marked a career milestone as her biggest first week add date at... Read more

As someone who is only familiar with bits of Sara’s music, I went into ‘Slow Me Down’ fairly blind. Despite my lack of knowledge, however, upon first listening I think most would be surprised what the sound that hits you. Once the song gets going, of course, it takes the shape of what you would expect from a Sara Evans song: a country-tinged pop/soft rock belter focused around love and relationships. However, it’s the riff that, while the most memorable, is also the most interesting part of the song. Played on piano across higher keys than a lot of other... Read more

For those who don’t know by now, I am an avid watcher of ABC’s ‘Nashville’. While it is rather sudsy at times, its relationship to reality is what really interests and intrigues me, aided by its placing of fiction right alongside fact in its construction. Well-known country stars feature in cameos, and regular references are made to other artists and country music staples like the CMA Awards, the Grand Ole Opry, the Bluebird Café and the Ryman Auditorium. However, the drama that unfolds is entirely made-up, and the characters do not resemble real people in any way – or do... Read more