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Photo via RandyOwen.com I have to admit that I'm a little bumfuzzled after talking with Alabama's Randy Owen this morning. Broadway: Have you heard the Aldean song, "1994"? His new one... Randy: No. I know it sounds odd, I don't have time to listen like I used to. The radio, I just love the radio. I still love the radio. I'm sitting here with all these papers about colleges, people who are in need, people who are (not starving) but close, then the farmers who are being told to do things that are going to put them out of business,... Read more

Randy Owen visited his alma mater, Jacksonville State University, recently for the "On The Brink" writer's conference where he was to read pages from his "Born Country" memoir and to talk about his first solo album, "One On One," growing up in Northeast Alabama, and his years at the university. While at the school, Randy decided to leave the school a generous gift in the form of a $21,000 check. The money will help establish scholarships at the school. "He's a genuine person who cares deeply about our students here and cares about their future," said JSU President Bill Meehan.... Read more

Stars have a lot of pull, but when it comes to weather they're sort of at the mercy of Mother Nature just like the rest of us. Randy Owen was doing a photoshoot for People magazine at his hometown of Ft. Payne, Alabama this week when tornado sirens sounded. Randy and the crew piled into two cars and headed for Owen's Tennessee River Music Farm and into the basement where they hid out for 30 minutes or so until they were given the all clear. The photoshoot did get finished and will be featured in People magazine's special Country Music... Read more