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Holler Annie has gone solo. Angaleena Presley, who may or may not still be a part of the Pistol Annies, has just released the new lyric video for Ain't No Man, a song from her upcoming solo album debut, American Middle Class. “It’s like my autobiography – each of the songs is a chapter of my life. I’ve literally lived every minute of this record,” Angaleena said in a release about the album. “My mama ain’t none too happy about me spreading my business around but I have to do it,” Presley says. “It’s the experience of my life from... Read more

In a new interview, Angaleena Presley, one-third of the now defunct Pistol Annies*, pokes fun of Taylor Swift's music. She said, "There are lots of little girls who would be sad if there wasn't a Taylor Swift." To complete the back-handed compliment, she goes on to say, "...she's a good writer." When the interviewer, fellow NashvilleGab blogger Broadway, goes off on a sidebar about genre labeling, Angaleena comes back with, "Welllll...I don't know how country she is." Angaleena also claims to still keep in touch with Miranda and Ashley. When Broadway asked the last time she spoke with the girls,... Read more

YouTube There's been a long-running rumor that Miranda Lambert's awesomer-than-awesome girl band, the Pistol Annies, have broken up. With a canceled tour and nothing new coming along for so long, it's understandable why the rumor persists. Well NashvilleGab friend (and sometimes writer) Vickey, had the chance to interview Ashley Monroe for her own blog recently and asked Ashley about that pesky rumor. Vickye: So speaking of going on tour, during the summer the Pistol Annies cancelled their tour dates, said no time for rehearsals… there have been some rumors going round that the Pistol Annies broke up, and there’s been... Read more

Country music absolutely thrived this year, and that doesn't include what the mainstream regurgitated out to the masses. No, there will be no Bro-Country records in this "Best Of" piece. In fact, what many of this list's artists are doing is what the mainstream should be doing. When it comes to remarkable storytellers and vocalists, you have to look a lot further than corporate-held radio to get a firm grip on compelling stories of love, loss, heartache and even happiness. While I enjoy plenty of what the mainstream has to offer, I find myself peering deeper within the genre's roots... Read more

Have the Pistol Annies called it quits? Back in June, the ladies abruptly cancelled all upcoming concerts due to "unforeseen circumstances." No further explanation was given at the time and off the top of my head I can't think of any concerts they've performed together since. According to their official website, they also have no future dates scheduled either. So what's going on exactly with the bad-ass threesome? Well, according to someone who knows someone, the Annies are done. Rumor has it, the breakup happened because Randa couldn't get along with Angaleena's hubby (who happened to be Miranda's tour manager... Read more

And the last Pistol Annie is now off the market. People.com is reporting that the last Annie standing, Ashley Monroe, married Chicago White Sox pitcher John Danks in a sunset ceremony last night (Thursday, October 24) in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. "I married my best friend," Ashley tells People.com. "He has such a good heart." Fellow Annie, Miranda Lambert, and her hubby Blake were also part of the big day with Blake officiating and Miranda acting as maid of honor and wedding planner. "They're my dearest friends," Monroe said of the superstar couple. "And we wanted someone with personality... Read more

With the release of Hunter Hayes’ ‘Encore’ edition of his self-titled debut album (the deluxe edition in laymen’s terms), has rocketed the country pop singer back to the top of Top Country Albums, while the lead single off the record, ‘I Want Crazy’ is now at #3 on Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Songs. If that wasn’t enough, it’s now also at #7 on Country Airplay. Leading that chart is Jake Owen with ‘Anywhere With You’, which is down to #8 on Hot Country Songs and #22 on Country Digital Songs. #1 on Country Digital Songs is Florida Georgia... Read more

I can predict that Florida Georgia Line are on the cusp of breaking many more records than they already have, with their reign on the Billboard country charts refusing to subside. Still at #1 with ‘Cruise’ (featuring Nelly) on Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Songs, their 2012 album ‘Here’s To The Good Times’ has reclaimed #1 on Top Country Albums too. Not to be outdone however, Blake Shelton has received another Country Airplay #1 accolade with ‘Boys Round Here’ (featuring Pistol Annies and friends). The song is also #2 on both Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Songs, and... Read more

This week, the Billboard country charts have been more static than usual. In fact, Hot Country Songs’ top 5 is exactly the same, highlighting the key players and their consistent selling. As per usual Florida Georgia Line are at the top, ‘Cruise’ at #1 on Hot Country Songs and #1 on Country Digital Songs. ‘Get Your Shine On’ is not too far behind, at #9 on Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Songs, and their third single ‘Round Here’ has begun its ascent on the Country Airplay top 30, this week at #29. ‘Here’s To The Good Times’ has risen... Read more

It’ll be an achievement indeed when a song knocks Florida Georgia Line off the top spot; yet again their smash hit ‘Cruise’ (featuring Nelly) is at #1 on Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Songs, although their latest hit ‘Get Your Shine On’ has fallen to #9 on Country Airplay. The track has also fallen to #6 on Hot Country Songs and #8 on Country Digital Songs, indicating that it simply isn’t as strong as their first single. Their album remains at #5. Sitting at the top of Country Airplay is a new #1 in the shape of Tim McGraw’s... Read more