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I occasionally get offers for tickets to concerts for people who aren't country. I've generally just passed on these, but this time I offered the tickets to Sunday's Landon Pigg show to my Nashville correspondents and one of them took me up on the offer and went. I'm glad that I offered the tickets because it sounds like Hannah had a good time. Thank you to Sony Music for the tickets. RCA recording artist Landon Pigg opened for A Fine Frenzy on October 25, 2009 at 3rd& Lindsley in Nashville as part of local radio station Lightning 100‘s weekly “Nashville... Read more

It's Monday which means not a darn thing is going on. Generally it takes a couple of hours before I'm able to find any interesting news. But this morning I did find two interesting things that aren't directly about the stars, but rather the people in the stars' lives so I figured I'd just add them to one post here. First off is Miranda Lambert's parents, Rick and Beverly Lambert. I found it interesting that they run a store called the Miranda Lambert Store & Red 55 Winery which is located in downtown Lindale, Texas. But never fear, the parents... Read more

Long-time radio personality and host of A Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor, suffered a minor stroke over the weekend and was treated at St. Mary's Hospital at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. "He is up and moving around, speaking sensibly, working at a laptop, and it's expected he'll be released on Friday," spokesman Karl Oestreich said. "He plans to resume a normal schedule next week." Keillor has said that he got the idea for A Prairie Home Companion by watching the Grand Ole Opry and the show has been host to many country stars. You can find out more... Read more

Hey all you Nashville-ites or Nashvillians or whatever you call yourselves, I have a scavenger hunt/stalking quest for you. My very favorite-ist person in the world - Ross the Intern (like from The Tonight Show) - is in Nashville for one reason or another and I want you to get a picture with him. You'll get extra points if you have a sign that says Nashville Gab but that's not required. If you succeed and send me a picture with him you'll get an awesome prize out of the prize vault (i.e. something I have laying around like an autographed... Read more

I love Steve Martin. Always have. Always will. Well the original Steve-O made his Grand Ole Opry debut Saturday "in front of a sold-out crowd and was greeted with a standing ovation." Seems everyone loves Steve Martin. He performed songs from his first music album, The Crow – New Songs for the Five-String Banjo, and had help from John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), with Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Stuart Duncan, Tim O’Brien, and others. Sounds like a great night for Steve. So why in the world is it that every picture I've seen he looks constipated? Is that his... Read more

I have maybe 50 CDs floating around in various places - my car, my living room, kids' rooms, my office. They're spread all over the place. Honestly I'm not much of a CD buyer because there aren't many CDs I'd want to sit and listen to all the way through. If I find a song I really love then I buy it from Amazon or iTunes and add it to my iPod and then I'll burn a CD. So how many CDs do you have laying around? Is it anywhere near 17,000? I'm guessing not. Well meet Neno Sartini. He... Read more

When I read that Meatloaf had went to Nashville to record his next album I was a little scared. Okay, I was more than a little scared, more like terrified. I remember listening to Meatloaf as a kid as my mom blasted "Bat Out of Hell" on her record player while cleaning house. I soooo couldn't imagine him recording country music. Well never fear, he's just found that all the best song writers are in Nashville but he definitely doesn't plan on singing country music. "I have to say this, and it has a connotation, but it's a new world... Read more