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Mindy McCready's touching last song was almost Carrie Underwood's

Many artists have that one song that they will always be remembered for more than the others. Kenny Rogers has The Gambler (as well as so many others), Taylor Swift has Tim McGraw, Tim McGraw has Indian Outlaw. Mindy McCready of course has Ten Thousand Angels, but since her death she's now being associated with the song she recorded not long before her death, I'll See You Yesterday, a song she recorded in hopes it would help people dealing with a suicide in their lives. Now it's come to light, though, that it was actually Carrie Underwood who had first... Read more

As happens when something tragic happens, details have been emerging rapid fire regarding Mindy McCready's final days leading up to her death last Sunday. Here's a few of them. The most important bit of information that's come out I think is that it turns out that Mindy was never a suspect in her boyfriend's death. It had been reported that Mindy was under investigation in the death of her boyfriend, David Wilson, after he died of a gunshot wound last month. The story went that she kept changing her story about how she found Wilson and that made police suspicious.... Read more

When a celebrity dies, there are always people and companies lining up to make a quick buck. That's why this story is so surprising. Back a couple of years ago, a sex tape made it's way to the public that featured Mindy McCready and a former boyfriend. Mindy originally said she didn't make the tape but then it was proven that she was actually paid for it and agreed to have it released. Now that Mindy has passed away, you'd think that the porn company, Vivid, would attempt to profit from her death like so many others will do, but... Read more

As most everyone is aware of by now I'm sure, Mindy McCready sadly and unsurprisingly took her own life (and that of her dog) yesterday on the same porch in Heber Springs, Arkansas where her boyfriend and father of her youngest son died of a gunshot wound just last month. While most of us will never understand what was going through Mindy's mind when she decided to turn the gun on herself, it turns out that when she died she was attempting to shed light on the demons that had haunted her for most of her life by writing a... Read more

Well, it appears everything got too much for the troubled starlet. It has been reported that the 37-year-old mother-of-two shot both herself and her dog yesterday (February 17th), and her body was found after the sound of gunshots alarmed neighbors. This is after the apparent suicide (inflicted by gunshot wound) of her boyfriend David Wilson (who was also the father of her youngest son, who is 10 months old), followed by Mindy falling into alcohol-fuelled depression. Her children were taken into care just a week or so ago, and Mindy was first committed to inpatient care for her problems, quickly... Read more

After I informed you of the investigation potentially enquiring whether Mindy McCready murdered her boyfriend, David Wilson, it seems everything has gotten a whole lot sadder. It was announced yesterday that Mindy’s two children, aged 6 years and 9 months old, were taken into care by Arkansas authorities, with today it emerging on The Boot that Mindy has been committed to a mental health facility by a judge for 21 days, following a hearing. An ‘insider’ claims she has also not stopped drinking since the passing of her boyfriend, as she is struggling to cope with the loss. With Mindy’s... Read more

Well, it transpires that what seemed simply a sad story of suicide to hit the country music blogs last week may have a little more to it. Recently it was announced that Mindy McCready’s partner, David Wilson, had died at the age of just 34, and with a 9-month-old son by Mindy. In the following days it was revealed by Mindy’s spokesperson as a suicide via gunshot, and after the public condolences to Mindy and family, it seemed like that was it for that sad bit of news. But it seems we were wrong. According to this article, there are... Read more

Remember back in June when we learned that Mindy McCready was suing the National Enquirer and her mom over an article the magazine ran back in June called “Shameful Mindy McCready Doesn’t Deserve To Have Child Back?” She was also suing her mother for being the source for the article. At the time we didn't know exactly how much in damages Mindy was suing. Well I just found out the damages she's seeking and it's a doozy! Read more

Well it's time to check back in with country's troubled soul, Mindy McCready. Thankfully this story's has nothing to do with suicide attempts, drugs, or anything else sad like that - instead it has to do with ghost stories. Fun. I actually meant to post about this like a month ago when I first seen the preview, but I never got around to it. Anyway, Mindy McCready appeared two weeks ago on Bio channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories. You can watch the first part of the video is here, Mindy's main section is here (but starts at the end of the... Read more

Mindy McCready's had more than her fair share of personal issues in the past, but that doesn't mean that the tabloid press should be able to print awful untruths about her, at least that's what a new lawsuit Mindy's filed says. The saddest part, Mindy's also suing her mother. Last month the National Enquirer published a story that entitled “Shameful Mindy McCready Doesn’t Deserve To Have Child Back.” The always-questionable Enquirer wrote the story using information provided apparently exclusively by Mindy's mom, Gayle Inge, information that Mindy says was one-sided, untrue, and were simply printed to hurt her. That's why... Read more