Kyle Turley Feed

Last night was Kyle's free showcase in Nashville. Did anyone get the chance to go? Well luckily Dianna was able to go in my place and it sounds like she had a blast. Check out what she had to say.... Now I know why you put Kyle Turley on your blog. I will admit I had no idea who he was. Guys at work are like omg he played NFL football.. but tomorrow my answer to them will be yeah but he can sing. He started out his showcase with a warm welcome for everyone. He sang Another Whiskey.. I... Read more

I told you guys about ex-football pro Kyle Turley yesterday and now you can check him out for yourself for free. Kyle will be having a special showcase at 12th and Porter in Nashville on Thursday to show off some new music, some new band members (his new guitar player is Zak Godwin, Kenny Chesney's guitar tech), and basically to meet and greet some new fans. If you're free on Thursday at 6 PM for about an hour, then I suggest you head on down and check Kyle out. Kyle's updated his band and now his website lists them as:... Read more

Kyle Turley is a new singer I want to introduce you guys to. His new album Anger Management is wonderful if you want something a little more rockin' than your average Kenny or Carrie and you should definitely check Kyle out. This is his new "stuff page" (other artist stuff pages here) that will allow all his fans new and old to find all kinds of good stuff for this talented guy. Here's a short bio from his record label... When you see Kyle Turley singing up on stage, you're seeing the skateboarder and surfer from Southern California and the... Read more