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For the last year (yes, this video was a year in the making), our friend Broadway has been asking everyone he interviews what turned out to be a surprisingly tough question ... is country music ready for an openly gay country star and whether the genre is homophobic in general? Some of the answers he got may surprise you. Read more

Kellie Pickler is having the best days of her life. Since her run on American Idol (ultimately finishing in sixth), she has gone on to become one of the most heralded vocalists in recent years. On her diverse, roots-driven 100 Proof, the singer offered up a blistering collection of songs that cut through the noise, ultimately landing on many best-of year-end tallies (2012). A year later, she returned with an equally provocative set, albeit more mainstream-leaning, with The Woman I Am, lead with a searing ballad "Someone Somewhere Tonight" (originally recorded by Walt Wilkins and later by Kenny Rogers). From... Read more

Kellie Pickler is about to get pickled. Or beeted. Or carrotted. Or something equally veggie-tastic. Kellie Pickler has a question for Luke Bryan's ass Headline Country is reporting that Kellie's voice will be featured in a new installment of the wildly popular VeggieTales series. Beauty and the Beet is an all-new take on the classic fairy tale and Pickler stars as Mirabelle, the sweet-potato lead singer of a family band that meets with unexpected trouble when an angry innkeeper makes them feel unwelcome. As she befriends the Beet and matches his harshness with loving acts, Mirabelle proves that compassion and... Read more

Kellie Pickler tells Rolling Stone the 11 people who changed her life

#495622493 / Sometimes it's good to just sit back and give thanks for the people in your life. Kellie Pickler recently did that with Rolling Stone by naming the 11 people who have changed her life including Dolly Parton, her husband, her grandparents, Tammy Wynette, and several others. The most surprising life changers on Kellie's list? Fellow season 5 American Idol Alumni Katharine McPhee and Mandisa. "When I was on Idol, Katharine McPhee and Mandisa became my Idol sisters. Mandisa is such a powerhouse, one of the most amazing singers I've ever heard sing live. She is such a... Read more

Looks like there's a new Aussie for country music fans to take notice of. Jasmine Rae is one of Australia's Leading Country Music Singer/Songwriters and is the 2014 Female Oz Artist of the Year and 2013 CMA Global Artist of the Year. She also managed to snag none other than Kellie Pickler for her new song Bad Boys Get Me Good. Jasmine says about Kellie, “One of the reasons I was so keen to have Luke Wooten produce this album was because of his work on Kellie’s 100 Proof album, which I thought was a really great, honest country album”.... Read more

Kellie Pickler was definitely the best dressed at the CMT Music Awards

#495612845 / Well hello Kellie Pickler! While most of the country world decided to dress down for tonight's CMT Music Awards, Kellie Pickler decided to go the opposite directiof and killed it in purple. LeAnn Rimes ran a close second in my book. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get past how low that dress was cut. Eek. It has a tan panel in it so I don't think it's actually as risky as it looks, but still the plunging was a bit much for my taste. From the bottom down, though, woohoo. #495640575 / Read more