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After scaring fans earlier this month with what appeared to be a suicide note on Facebook, Josh Gracin is back on Facebook and back to his music. Yesterday, he posted two videos on Facebook of him singing songs from a recent songwriting session. He's also back on the road. On Monday he wrote: Finally getting back out on the road!! I will be playing this Saturday at the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville KY! Please get your tickets now! I would love to see you all there for my first show back:) Good to see Josh is feeling better. For some... Read more

Josh Gracin is the most honest artist I've ever had the pleasure of interviewing, not to mention humble. Most known for his Top 5 hits "Brass Bed" and "I Want To Live" and, of course, his 2004 No. 1 smash "Nothing to Lose," he has learned the hard way about the political nature of the music business. He departed from the fledgling Lyric Street Records before the label eventually disolved in 2010, but he's taken that experience with a grain of salt as he heads into the next chapter of his musical career. His newly released "Drink It Gone" sees... Read more

“I just hope the cord doesn’t break,” Josh Gracin said. “I’m a big guy.” The cord Josh was hoping would hold him was his only link to safety as he took off with a lucky(?) fan parasailing in Florida Friday afternoon. Lisa Burns was the grand prize winner of a contest to parasail with Josh held by Joyland, Cool Today and YOLO Parasail to help promote his concert Friday night at Joyland in Bradenton, Florida. The two did eventually make it down safely and both admitted it was a great ride, although Josh probably enjoyed it a little more than... Read more

I have always enjoyed Josh Gracin & wondered what he was up to. It seems he is now coming back around for some shows & I am glad to see this. He will be staying pretty busy here out West in Vegas & So California. The once American Idol contestant is a Michigan native who has always had an independent streak that has done well for him & gave us such great hits as; "I Want To Live", the #1 hit, "Nothin to Lose" & "We Weren't Crazy." Josh has signed with independent record label, Average Joes Entertainment, and has... Read more

My local country station, KIZN, has a yearly fundraiser around Christmas time called Keep Kids Warm. It started out several years ago when a 10-year-old girl called in trying to win a cash contest to buy some heating oil for her family. I remember hearing the entire call the first time it aired and I cried, it was so touching and sad. Boise and the surrounding area came through and the little girl and her family got their heating oil and, if I remember right, had a nice Christmas to boot. That single phone call (you can listen to part... Read more

Josh Gracin sings in New Mexico

Okay, me thinks it's about time for a cake break (I'm going over to my mom's for some belated birthday cake and gift giving), because I just totally typed the title as Gosh Jracin. Anyway, dyslexic title aside, Josh was at the Southern New Mexico State Fair on Friday night. If you visit over on radio station KGRT's website they have 17 pictures from the concert. You can also read about the concert here. Read more