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Jennette McCurdy & Darius Rucker cover Jamey Johnson’s “In Color”

Well this is fun.

ICarly's Jennette McCurdy and Darius Rucker at some point got together and decided to sing Jamey Johnson's In Color

Not everyday that happens. 

I really wish they would finally get around to releasing Jennette's country album. I'm thinking at this point it's never going to be released, especially since I never hear anything about her singing career anymore, but I really wish they would change their minds and just do it already.  

Jennette McCurdy shoots photos for her album – takes a page out of Lee Ann Womack’s book

Jennette McCurdy is still trying to cross all the T's and dot all the I's for her new album and gives us a backstage glimpse of her recent album photo shoot. 

One shot in particular looks pretty familiar. 

My recommendation - don't use similar photos as Lee Ann Womack because no matter how cute you are, chances are you just wont get it right.

Jennette Lee Ann chair 
Call me crazy 


Jennette McCurdy gets animated and badgers a few zoo animals

Jennette McCurdy as a badger

I have a confession to make.  I love the ever-clever cartoon penguins from Penguins of Madagascar

Those constantly scheming penguins just make me smile and wish I, too, was a flightless tuxedoed seabird stuck in a zoo.

Or something like that.   

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's the Nick cartoon based on the penguins from the movie Madagascar.  If you have children, I'm sure you're familiar. 

Anyway, Nickelodeon-star-turned-country-singer Jennette McCurdy and fellow Nick star Victoria Justice make an appearance on this Saturday's new episode of Penguins of Madagascar as a pair of overly friendly badgers. 

You can check out the cute clip of the huggable critters here.

I wonder if Faith’s girls had something to do with this


Well there may just be some very big perks to being a budding country star who just happens to be on a very popular Nickleodeon show. 

It was announced recently that iCarly star, Jennette McCurdy, would be opening for Faith Hill on July 23rd at the Ironstone Amphitheatre in Murphys, California and July 24th at the OC Fair and Event Centre in Costa Mesa, California.

Which just begs the question, is Faith's daughters big iCarly fans? 

Jennette says of the honor, "Faith was a huge influence in my desire to pursue a career in country music. To open for her is an honor and I'm so thrilled.” 

You can find out more about Jennette by visiting her website at

Jennette McCurdy gives us a mini-lesson in making an album


I've never thought too much about what goes into making an album. I know there's a lot behind the scenes that we fans never see, but I've never actually thought about the process of putting thoughts and ideas into physical form and putting it on a CD.  Well if you've ever wondered then little Miss Jennette McCurdy's newest blog post will interest you.  Here's a snippet….

Gratefully, 2010 is starting out great for me. I’m currently still in Nashville, working on my album. The first few days I was here, I just sat in a room with my producer and he played guitar while I sang the songs that will be on the album. Having the songs in such a stripped-down form allowed for my producer, Paul, to know what direction to take them production-wise.

Once the little rehearsals were complete, I went to a huge rehearsal space and sang on a stage with a band. Paul paced around and threw out thoughts for the different musicians and they tried different licks and approaches. It was a totally new experience for me – definitely a learning experience. Seeing how much the players added to the songs – both in fullness of sound and in emotion – was amazing. The players: Mike-keyboards, Chad-drums, Ilya and Biff -acoustic guitars, Chris and Kenny -electric guitars, Allison-bass, and David-loops. I thank them for making this such an enjoyable experience. We are all one big family, as Paul says. :) .

After rehearsing on the stage and really getting the songs down, we went into the studio and tracked the songs. Tracking is when all the players go into separate booths and play the songs 5 or 6 times each and I sing along. Then after those 5 or 6 times, the players go in and re-do particular parts and solos that they may want to change. The musicians’ dedication and commitment to excellence was really inspiring to me…

Then comes the vocals! I go into a booth all on my lonesome. I miss the band on vocal days, but I hear the playback when I sing so that makes me feel like they’re right there with me! I sing the songs over and over from start to finish, trying different things based on Paul and my own collective thoughts and in-the-moment inspiration. Paul is a musical wizard!

You can read the rest here.  And here's a song Jennette's currently promoting on her blog called Homeless Heart.  I'm sure it's not part of her upcoming album, but it's still kinda pretty and I've read Jennette sang it for a friend who died of brain cancer which makes it even better I think.

Jennette McCurdy gets a little help from her friends

Nickelodeon star – and I'm thinking future country star (seriously, listen to her sing) - Jennette McCurdy gets a little help from her friends, Lady Antebellum, for a classic Beatles' song.  She writes on her YouTube page…

Hey guys! How STOKED was I to be able to sing with one of my favorite bands and some of the coolest folks I've ever met? VERY. Singing with Lady Antebellum was an honor. Hillary, Charles, and Dave…

Since they're shooting the video in a studio it makes me wonder if Lady A will be a special guest on Jennette's upcoming debut country album. 

Newest country singer is a Nickelodeon star….or is it Disney?


I honestly can’t keep track of what show is a Disney show or what show is a Nickelodeon show, but I can tell you my kids watch pretty much all the shows on both channels.  Well I’ve been loving me some Sam (Jennette McCurdy) from iCarly lately and bringing you guys these awesome songs she’s been singing. Well I’m happy to report that she’s been signed to Capital Records Nashville.  Yep, she’s gone country, and for once I’m happy to report about a country crossover. 

Take a look at part of a recent blog post.

Hey friends!

This is my first blog as a 17 year old. Wow. It feels…. exactly the same as it did before…. but better. Yeah, better. Why? Cuz this is gonna be a really good blog! WHY is it gonna be a really good blog? Because I have this OVERWHELMINGLY EXCITING NEWS TO TELL YOU!!!

CAPITOL RECORDS NASHVILLE HAS SIGNED ME TO A RECORD DEAL!!!!! I am in the Capitol Family along with such unbelievable greats as Keith Urban, Darius Rucker, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, and Trace Adkins – to name a few. These are artists I BOW DOWN TO! I am honored, ecstatic, elated, and overwhelmed with joy! Capitol’s expertise in country music will allow me the opportunity to give you guys the best I have to give in songwriting, singing, and performing. For those of you waiting for my album, this fantastic news will present a slight delay in that release – but I promise you, I will give you everything I have to make this album something you love and remember. I will now be able to take you all along on this wonderful ride and I hope you enjoy seeing the step-by-step process of the making of my record. Thank you for your support and encouragement through my endeavors. It means so much to me when you enjoy and appreciate my work. It is what I get to share and experience with you all. And what an experience it is. LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!!

Gads, what was I doing at 17?  Hmm, I was working in a Chinese restaurant and spending all my hard-earned money on makeup and clothes.  I just can’t imagine. 

Anyway, congrats to little Miss Jennette, I see big things in your future.