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While many have called him the Justin Bieber of country music one thing is for certain, the young fanbase is where the similarties end as Hunter Hayes will not getting a tattoo of somebody's face he was dating or dated. He told UK Yahoo: "Tattoos are normally an expression of an extreme feeling when you are really passionate about something. A lot of the time they have a really strong connection to whoever is wearing it, sometimes it's art for the sake of art but all art has an origin. When somebody inks somebody's name or something that represents somebody,... Read more

Here's another part of my interview with Hunter Hayes. The loop for "Flashlight" was actually created by accident with a road case! If you're a music geek - it's pretty damn interesting. He also carries on about his obsession with loop pedals. Here's a wicked awesome video of a guy basically making a loop pedal his bitch. Read more

Photo: Lets start this piece off by telling you what exactly a 'loop pedal' is... "A loop pedal is an effects pedal, usually for guitar, that can record a section of sound played on the instrument. It then plays back that section over and over, or for a set amount of repetitions. These can be useful when there is only one guitar player in a band that wants to play rhythm and lead guitar." This thing gives me a MUSICAL BONER! Check out Hunter Hayes demonstrating and talking about it below Read more

For those Hayniacs out there, October 30th is a big day as it kick starts the "Tattoo (your name) tour" and Hunter is promising this tour is ALL about the fans! He tells ETonline. “When one person walks in the room, it’s a show. They are the show. They bring the spirit that you want in the show. That’s why, on this tour, we’re giving everybody that buys a ticket, everybody that walks in the door gets a wristband. They are the show from the moment they walk in, and even after the show, it is all about them.” The... Read more