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EzraJane have a great foundation called The Raining Season which helps children in Africa. The pair are now launching a new project and hope to raise the funds to purchase a building in Freetown, Sierra Leone that will eventually become The Covering, a children's home which will house 86 children. The talented duo are looking for at least 200 people to make the tax deductible donation of $100. Their goal is to raise at least $20,000 by September 1st when the girls travel back to Africa. Read about EzraJane and The Raining Season here: www.EzraJane.com www.TheRainingSeason.org Read more

You have to love when singers have a goal that doesn't include record sales. EzraJane have a wonderful goal and took to their blog to ask for help. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Current mood: hopeful Ok, everyone....we really need your help. As most of you know by now, Erica and I went to Sierra Leone, West Africa over Christmas. We came across an orphanage in desperate need of help. 6 workers on staff, 84 children.....they hadn't eaten in 4 days. With the financial resources we had on hand, we were able to provide them with enough rice and water to... Read more

Lauren asked me to check out EzraJane (from The Next GAC Star competition) and I must say that I'm glad I took her advice. The duo are really, really great. They look like a blond Winnie from the Wonder Years and a funky Punky Brewster and sing like sweet little country angels. I have high hopes for these two and have a feeling we'll be hearing more from them in the very near future. Besides singing, they also support a charity called The Raining Season. From the site: NOW HERE WE ARE, FOUR YEARS LATER, LAUNCHING THE RAINING SEASON. THE... Read more