Eric Church Feed

You may have watched Eric Church's performance of his 2014 hit 'Give Me Back My Hometown' on Sunday night at the Grammys and thought that was all there was to it. A performance of a Grammy-nominated song from a Grammy-nominated album (he lost both, to Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert respectively, but who's counting). A slightly rough vocal performance on a stage that is probably too big for the song's slow burn and unconventional structure. But that wasn't the whole story. Read more

Not too long there was that creepy promo video Eric Church's team made during their The Outsiders album promotion that featured Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2013 CMA's where she made reference to Eric Church being the reason she really got a chance to shine. Remember? The whole he played too long when opening up for the Rascal Flatts so they nixed him and took on Swift instead. Yeah, well after that rumors flew about a feud. Come to find out...there's no feud at all. Not even a little one. Instead there is just heap loads of respect. Eric... Read more

Almost 500 tickets for Eric Church's Knoxville concert Thursday night were canceled because they appeared to violate the terms of purchase. The buyers were refunded and the tickets were resold at a later date. These scalpers will continue trying no matter how often they get caught so this is more or less a friendly warning to be always be on top of tickets. Luckily Eric is not one to mess around with this nonesense and his team is on top of this stuff, would suck paying top dollar for tickets to find out they were fake when its too... Read more