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The people of the world came together on Monday (June 2) to (unofficially) kick of the 2014 CMA Music Festival. Featuring artists of all walks of life, music became the centerpiece of the CMA GlobaLive Showcase, which included artists from Australia, New Zealander, Canada, the UK and Sweden. As the crowd trickled in, the diversity of country music lovers was a talking point throughout the evening, emceed by singer-songwriter David Bradley (who also played a rousing set late in the evening). Of course, several standout musicians from this side of the Atlantic played throughout the night, proving to possess the... Read more

Yay! Turns out it wasn't just me that YouTube sucked for this morning. As I told you earlier, Emerson Drive's new video for She's My Kind of Crazy was blocked on YouTube due to a copyright claim from UMG. Some wondered if maybe it was only available in Canada but then Canadian country fans started saying it was blocked for them too. Now Emerson Drive has confirmed the video is blocked for everyone for some suckish reason. They posted to their Twitter/Facebook today: Hey guys! ''She My Kind Of Crazy'' is temporarely blocked from viewing on YouTube but we want... Read more

Hmmm. So I subscribe to Emerson Drive's YouTube page and this morning there was a notice that the band had uploaded a new video for She's My Kind of Crazy so I headed over to check it out. The notice above is what I found instead of a video. Whadup wid dat? UPDATE: Someone said the video may only be available in Canada. Makes sense I suppose since they are a Canadian band, but still, where's the neighborly love? UPDATE #2: Some people on Twitter are now saying the video's blocked in Canada too. Strange. Read more

Emerson Drive are in Australia and just posted a video of the making of their Let Your Love Speak music video, which is cool, but seriously, how do you get a job as a steadicam operator? It's like operating a magical giant robotic alien that's attached to your torso. Pure awesomeness! Read more

Another bundle of country joy on the way

Wow, another baby announcement. I'm telling you, stay away from the water or the food or whatever it is those country boys are consuming if you don't want to get pregnant because that stuff is mighty potent. From a press release.... Emerson Drive lead vocalist Brad Mates and wife Jana are expecting their first bundle of joy, a son, next month. "Jana and I are beyond excited about becoming parents," comments Brad. "The nursery has been ready for a couple of weeks so it's just a waiting game now. It's kind of surreal because he hasn't arrived yet but we... Read more

Remind me in the future to hit up the Emerson Drive fan club party because those boys feed you. Not your soul, they literally feed you. As in pasta. Yumm. Country Weekly is reporting that The band "treated their fans to an Italian lunch of pasta, garlic bread, Caesar salad and a chocolate fondue fountain." The guys then took the stage and treated fans to a performance and answered fan questions in between songs. After meeting the band the attendees were autographed photo postcards. Now that's a party! Read more

{photo source} Out of tragedy, sometimes the best lessons can be learned. Emerson Drive seem to be taking this to heart. Back in September of 2007, the band's bassist, Patrick Bourque, committed suicide at his Montreal home after having quit the band. Emerson Drive's lead singer, Brad Mates, says that sharing their feelings in concert has helped them through the hard times and he hopes it will also help fans out there who may be going through tough times. "To be able to go through something tragic like that, and be able to talk about it on stage to people... Read more

This is what happens when you fall asleep on Emerson Drive's tour bus

Oh poor Justin Moore. Brad from Emerson Drive took to the band's blog to let us know what happens when you fall asleep on their bus. And it's not pretty. Funny, but not pretty. This is how it is....if you come on to the Emerson Drive bus and want to fall asleep first, your going to get something done to you that could possibly be used on E-Drive T.V.! Justin Moore was the first in a long time to fall victim to the Sharpie Marker!!! I wanted to do something a little more “R” rated....but if it’s gonna be used... Read more