Country Crossovers Feed

Last week I had talked with Don over on Wow 104.3 about whether Kris Allen (American Idol's winner) would be good at country music after his great performance with Keith Urban on the show last week. Well never fear all my cross-over-phobic readers, Kris has no plans to go country. Well not until his career's in the toilet anyway. Kris says he respects Keith Urban, but "that's not my cup of music and not the feeling I want in my album." He says he plans to stick with the songs that helped him win "American Idol." So there you go,... Read more

Back a few months ago we heard that Tim McGraw had recorded a song called Humanwith Chris Brown. Then Chris Brown and his then girlfriend Rihanna missed the Grammy's due to an altercation they had. Later police pictures emerged along with the story of how Chris beat the crap out of Rihanna. The song that Chris and Tim McGraw recorded has never surfaced but Chris has his sights set on recording another song with a country singer, and this time the song would actually be country. Ugh. Another example of "my careers in the toilet, let's give country a try."... Read more

I confess, I had no clue who Snow Patrol was until I watched the video below. I must also confess that I like this song. Now that that's out in the open lets discuss the fact that the lead singer, Gary Lightbody, has a little side project going that will involve, of course, country music. Yep, Gary is the latest in a long line of "let's give country a try" singers. In a recent interview with the BBC, Gary says he's working on a country record called "Tired Pony." "I’ve written that and I just need to record it," said... Read more

I have just four words to say to you. Taylor Hicks country song. Ugh. Taylor Hicks, winner of American Idol at some point in the past, has decided that his adult contemporary career is essentially fubarred so why not give country a chance. Oh sure, because country fans are going to be oh so welcoming. Ha ha. Okay, I must confess that I voted for Taylor when he was on AI because I loved his voice and he was such a goofy character. He was a novelty and I was so excited when he won. Didn't mean I actually wanted... Read more

I've never watched an episode of "Gone Country," but that doesn't mean I can't gripe about it. The problem with the show is that it takes these noncountry people and turns them into quasi-country stars and then when the show is over some of the contestants don't want to go away. Newest "Gone Country"contestant who wants to stay country is Tara Connor. She posted in her MySpace (via Perez). "Both of my shows have come to an end so once again i am a has-been….hahaha j/k but i've been working for the past 4 months on a country album and... Read more

Sigh. I knew this would probably happen, just wished I was wrong. In a new interview with MTV, Miley says that she'd love to follow in her papa's footsteps and record a completely country record - although more than likely a Taylor-esque country album. "I would love to," she said of the prospect of releasing a record of country-music songs. "That's something I would want to do." And who would she want to work with? You'd think with Christmas coming, she'd say her dad, Billy Ray, but nope. "I would love to work with Dolly {Parton}. If I would do... Read more

Sebastian Bach won the second season of Gone Country and released his song right afterwards. Well he hasn't given up on country and is in the studio working on a full album. "Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee! We have been completely ensconced in the studio here for the last week, woodshedding in a big way, writing and demoing our asses off. I am happy to say that the writing team of Jeffrey Steele, Vicky McGehee, and myself, the team that brought you 'Battle With The Bottle', have been been locked in Jeffrey's studio, with our intention being to come up with... Read more

Here's the first single, Long Hot Night, from Kevin Costner's band Modern West. Their new CD Untold Truths is out November 11. You can read the press release and track listing after the jump. KEVIN COSTNER & MODERN WEST RELEASE DEBUT ALBUM NOVEMBER 11 Nashville, TN, September 30, 2008 - Universal Republic/Universal Records South will release the debut album from Kevin Costner & Modern West, titled Untold Truths, on November 11. Though best known for his acting career, Costner is no stranger to the art of making music and songwriting. The band’s history goes back some 20 years when Kevin... Read more

Costner crosses over to the dark side

Oh geez, here we go again. Another country cross-over is throwing their 10 gallon hat into the Nashville ring so to speak. Kevin Costner is fulfilling his boyhood dream of singing for a living and will be releasing his first country-rock album with his band, Modern West, this November. Costner told People that his acting career has been great, but when he looks out into a crowd while on stage with his band it just feels right. Well everyone is entitled to do what feels right, but can't they all feel right doing punk or jazz or something other than... Read more