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After listening to this interview with the actress turned singer, I'm pretty confident there was very little acting involved in her role as Blair in Gossip Girl. Speaking of GG, wait until you hear her lengthy answer to the question about a possible reunion. Oh, and Tim McGraw EARNED his island, bitch. Here's her current single Read more

Despite Taylor flat out saying yo guys this is a POP album, it looks like some country stations are just shaking it off. I'm sure it's just done as a way to show their continued to support for the "girl from nashville that sings and the world listens" and I happen to think that's pretty cool, but what do YOU think?! Read more

Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath called my show to talk about costarring in Sharknado 2. Of course we took this opportunity to ask if his musical future would include a country album. After all, who isn't crossing over nowadays? His response? "It seems that's where all pop stars go to die!" True. With the exception of Darius Rucker, who else has successfully crossed over? He went on to agree with most critics about the current state of the format - it's not really country anymore. Skip to 2:51 mark (or here if that doesn't work) Read more

Much like Eric Church, Rick Springfield doesn't think reality singing shows do the music biz much justice. He also penned a few songs with Jay DeMarcus, and hopes to get to Nashville soon to do some more writing. Can you say Jessie's Girl, sitting on a tailgate, in the moonlight, drinking beer?! YES! Hear the entire convo below. Read more

Billy Gilman was somewhat of a country music child prodigy with pretty much all his success hitting before puberty. Well like all things tend to do, Billy Gilman grew up. Turns out some people aren't happy about that, some people like mom, author, and ex Jersey Shore star Snooki. Broadway interviewed Snooki a while back and she revealed that not only was she a country music fan as a kid, but she also had a thing for Billy way back in the day. Well she did until his voiced changed anyway. Take a listen to her interview below. Her Billy... Read more

'Blurred Lines' singer Robin Thicke considering recording a country album

The singer of the summer's biggest song (the one that's not by Florida Georgia Line), the one you haven't been able to escape unless you've lived under a rock or don't have a T.V., is planning on recording a country album. Robin Thicke, singer of the damn-infectious Blurred Lines (there's also a controversial naked version of the above video here), has expressed his desire to record a country album. Determined to break all musical boundaries, Thicke recently told the Associated Press, "I want to get right in the studio. I want to make a country album, a Christmas album, a... Read more

I have to say I'm loving Demi Lovato right now. She's the former Disney princess who starred in Camp Rock and Sonny With a Chance, ended up going out on tour (because pretty much all Disney princesses and princes at some point end up going out on tour), got into a well publicized scuffle with one of her dancers on the tour who she ended up punching, and then was shipped off to a hospital to deal with her issues, the least of which were anorexia and bulimia. I figured that was the end of Little Miss Demi Lovato, but... Read more

Kristin Chenoweth had country album written into her contract

Kristin Chenoweth is well known for her stage, television, and movie roles (Glee, Four Christmases, The West Wing), but she's also got a recording contract with Sony Masterworks and a new CD coming. Only problem was, she was afraid her dream of recording a country album wouldn't come true and so she had it written into her contract that she'd get the chance to fulfill her dream. Kristin's debut country album Some Lessons Learned is due out September 13 and she tells that the country-pop CD, "was actually an idea I had many years ago when I signed with... Read more

Someone just shoot me now because I like this damn song

So have you read that Staind's main man, Aaron Lewis, is gonna try his musical hand at country music? When I first read about this new development I just rolled my eyes. I mean seriously, it gets tiring trying to keep track of who's coming and who's going. One thing I was sure of, though, I wasn't going to like him or his darndit music. Yeah, it sucks huge because yesterday he released a video for his new song Country Boy and as much as it pains me to say, I love, love, love this song. George Jones and Charlie... Read more