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Awww, sad day in Carter Twins history. The duo is no more. But never fear fans because just like a phoenix (the mythical bird, not Keith Urban's new cologne) the Carter Twins have risen from the ashes of their past and will from now on be known as Kingston. That's right guys and gals, the boys are still together and making music, they're just changing their band name to Kingston. Guess we can all use a change occasionally. You can visit their new website here. {Via CMIL} Read more

Acts come and acts go and sometimes we never even notice when they do either. Unless they give us free music that is. And don't we all just love a little free music? The Carter Twins have recorded a special four-song acoustic EP and they're giving it away to their fans for free. Never been a fan myself but I have to say that I enjoyed listening to the four songs, so even if you've never been a fan either, you might find yourself humming right along too. Get your free music here. {Source} Read more