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Brantley Gilbert reads song lyrics in the style of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Brantley Gilbert 50 Shades of Country

As a sexy narrator, Brantley Gilbert definitely makes a better country singer. 

Brantley recently visited Orlando’s K92.3 where the station’s afternoon drive host, J.R., was able to get the singer to read lyrics to his song You Don’t Know Her Like I Do in the tone of what Fifty Shades of Grey.

It turned out about as sexy as the new movie (out today) is rumored to be (which is, unfortunately, not very). 

But it is funny. 

Check it out below (or here if that doesn’t work).  

How to make country fans cry: watch Brantley Gilbert’s new video

Brantley gilbert one hell of an amen

This one's a bit of a tearjerker guys. Although the video depicts a tribute to our fallen soldiers (among other scenes of dealing with loss), 'One Hell of An Amen' is apparently actually about a real-life friend of Brantley's and his lost battle with cancer.

If this doesn't make you as emotional as those Superbowl ads, you have a stone cold heart my friend (just kidding… sorta).

Check it out below. 'One Hell of An Amen' is the third single from Brantley's third studio album 'Just As I Am', and is currently at radio.


Brantley Gilbert helps a fan quit dipping


It's a pretty big long shot for people to make bets regarding celebrities. It's that whole getting noticed thing that can be tricky.

But for one lucky Brantley Gilbert fan they weren't just noticed by BG, they were acknowledged in a big way! Mr. Gilbert went above and beyond and made good on a bet for the fan so that they would win.

The bet? If he could score tickets to Brantley's concert their friend would have to quit dipping. And Brantley made sure they would they would win that bet by giving them tickets to the show. Pretty solid move there Brantley!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.45.48 PM


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Is Brantley Gilbert a homewrecker?

Brantley and AmberPhoto: Via screen grab

There's been a whole lot written about Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr's relationship and how it began as an affair, but could it be that there's another cheatin' heart story that's currently flying under the radar? 

Ooh, plot twist!

We've all heard Brantley Gilbert and his fiancée Amber's crazy romantic love story that sounds like it was plucked straight from a Hollywood movie: Girl and boy fall for each other, girl and boy break up, boy goes on to become a famous singer/songwriter and writes a bunch of songs about girl, boy comes to his senses and wins girl back, boy puts a ring on it and they all live happily ever after.  

Unfortunately, it sounds like there may be one step that's been left out of the retelling of the cute couple's love story… a divorce and claims of infidelity. 


According to Radar Online, Amber was married (is still married?) to a guy named Brock Anderson at the time that she and Brantley rekindled their relationship. According to the usual "source," the pair married back in 2012 and began having trouble late in 2013. Amber started spending more time with her family and sometime earlier this year told her husband that she was going to the grocery store and just never came back.

Now that's an interesting exit strategy.

In March, Amber filed divorce papers and Brock ended up countersuing on the grounds of adultery.

It's not mentioned if anyone was named as the other man in the divorce documents, but according to the unnamed source, Amber's husband guessed who Brantley's new fiancée was before her name ever became public. 

The pal says, “I remember when Brantley announced in October that he was engaged to a then-unnamed schoolteacher.

“We all thought how wild it would be if it turned out to be Amber – and Brock said, ‘I’m pretty sure it is her’.”

Yep, there's gotta be a country song in this story somewhere. 

Update: A reader emailed and pointed me in the direction of a sort of funny (in a sweet way) new interview Brantley gave with US 103.5 that was posted today where the singer gives a very, very specific date as to when he got back in touch with Amber. In fact, the date of first contact and the date of first meeting up with her is important enough that he gives both. He says he found out that Amber wanted to reconnect with him on June 15. He says he was so excited to meet back up with her that he drove right over to see her for the very first time the next day, June 16. Did you catch that? It was June 15 and 16. 

See, he's not a homewrecker at all. Not that anyone actually cared if he was or not.  

In fact, I'm actually surprised at how little people care about this story, but it's sweet that Brantley wants to be sure that everyone knows that he didn't reconnect with his lady love until a full month after she had filed divorce papers. 

No worries, Brantley. We all still think your love story – that re-started on June 15th and 16th – is very romantic and sweet. Go forth and marry and be happy.  

Looks like Brantley Gilbert is gonna have a summertime wedding…


Well…Brantley Gilbert will tie the knot with his fiancée, Georgia school teacher Amber Cochran,  at the end of June 2015.

He revealed the date backstage at the American  Music Awards Sunday night after winning Country Album of The Year. Geez…he sure has a lot to celebrate!

Brantley and Amber met 10 years ago, and were together for five years  before splitting up. They reconnected after Brantley cleaned up his life…(aka…got sober)

He  says, "I had some things going on in my life that she wasn't really  willing to be a part of. I understand that completely now, and I'm so,  so thankful that that was the way it was."

Brantley has said Amber  inspired several of his hit songs, including "More than Miles." Amber  was with Brantley at the AMAs Sunday night.

Hey guys…let me know if you need my address for a wedding invite!

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Dammit Garth … YouTube is now the new Spotify


Oh Garth, what have you started?

Just days after Garth called YouTube the devil for the way they compensate artists, music bigwigs are now starting to jump on the YouTube-is-bad bandwagon by asking that their music be removed from the video streaming site. 

According to Mashable, Irving Azoff, founder of Global Music Rights, has asked YouTube to remove songs from his clients, including Pharrell Williams, John Lennon and the Eagles.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling this is just the start.  

Of course, this whole streaming music debate really heated up after Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify, saying that art shouldn't be free. Jason Aldean followed shortly after, as did Brantley Gilbert and Justin Moore.

Now Sony is questioning the whole "freemium" music streaming system and will probably be the next to start yanking music from the various music sites.

You know, it probably won't be a popular opinion, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for the record labels and artists fighting this fight. To me it just makes them all sound so dang money hungry. Maybe when Taylor Swift isn't able to pay 17 million dollars cash for her vacation homes I'll be a little more sympathetic. 

Brantley Gilbert and Justin Moore jumped off the Spotify wagon


Well, looks like two more mega country super stars are putting a dog in the fight against Spotify. Brantley Gilbert and Justin Moore have decided to join Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean in removing their music from the company.

Oh my. Between all this and Garth Brooks doing his own thing with Ghost Tunes, Spotify is missing some big hitters with new music. Notable mention should be that Big Machine Records has the majority of artists taking their music off so far.

Wonder who will follow suit next?

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There she is … your first glimpse of Brantley Gilbert’s beautiful fiancée

Brantley Gilbert fiancePhoto: screen capture

Earlier I had mentioned that I didn't think Brantley Gilbert had brought his new fiancée with him to last night's CMA Awards. 

Turns out I was wrong. 

Thanks to a tip from a reader and the fine folks over at Headline Country, we now have our first look at Brantley Gilbert's mysterious new fiancée. I'm told her name is Amber Cochran. 

Lucky us, we also have a picture of the rock that the future Mrs. Gilbert is sporting. Check it out. 

Brantley Gilbert fiance ring


You can check out a quick 20-second clip of the lovebirds being interviewed together for the first time over on Headline Country, and I will keep my eyes open to when and if a longer version gets posted anytime soon. 

Judging from this photo, Brantley Gilbert might have smelled bad last night

Brantley Gilbert shhh

While browsing CMA Awards photos to see if Brantley Gilbert maybe brought his new fiancée to the show (I don't think he did), I came across this picture of Big Machine's CMA Awards party. 

My first thought when I saw Brantley sitting smack dab in the middle with no one within arm's reach except maybe Borchetta directly behind him was, "What, did he smell bad?"

I don't actually think Brantley smells bad, my brain just works like a 12-year-old boy's sometimes.

Here's a few more fun photos from the party.