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For the last year (yes, this video was a year in the making), our friend Broadway has been asking everyone he interviews what turned out to be a surprisingly tough question ... is country music ready for an openly gay country star and whether the genre is homophobic in general? Some of the answers he got may surprise you. Read more

I'd be pretty happy just hanging out with Randy Houser but throw in our buddy Kenny from Big & Rich and the beautiful Cassadee Pope and Jana Kramer and now you've got what looks like a fun night! But to Randy it was just him hanging with his "frandzzz" Good thing I don't have to pick a favorite outta the bunch because I love them all! Read more

Big & Rich have created a short film to accompany their new album, "Gravity." It will be released in 4-parts, hence why they're calling it a "quadrilogy." Hear more about it in the interview below. Update from Shannon: Before the movie buffs come out to play, I'm aware that the "Alien" movies were released as a set called the Alien Quadrilogy, but I'm giving the boys of Big & Rich the benefit of the doubt that they weren't aware of this little movie title tidbit. Read more

Songs I'm digging right now: Big & Rich's 'Look At You'

Back when I heard that Big & Rich were working on new music, I didn't think much of it. Honestly, despite the fact that I like the duo, I figured their best music was behind them. Glad to say I was wrong. Sarah Darling reveals her Big & Rich past The pair's newest song Look At You is really good and makes me excited to hear what else they've been brewing in the studio. I'm definitely digging Look At You right now. If you're digging the song, too, be sure to let John Rich know when he takes part in... Read more

It's always funny to hear what people did before hitting it big. My friends over at CMChat recently had an article detailing some of the surprising things they've learned over the years of interviewing various famous folks. The one I enjoyed the most was Sarah Darling who revealed her surprising brush with fame before she actually became famous. @JessicaNorthey Q5 Some people may not know that I was the mannequin in the music video "Save a Horse, Ride a cowboy! #bigandrich #cmchat— Sarah Darling (@_SarahDarling) July 2, 2013 A mannequin? Really? Curiosity go the better of me so I had... Read more

Mostly because it's doesn't work on more than one voice at a time. I asked this question because of recent songs by Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, Colt Ford with Jason Aldean, and Jerrod Niemann. I also noticed this on Wikipedia... "According to the Boston Herald, country stars Faith Hill, Shania Twain, and Tim McGraw all use Auto-Tune in performance, calling it a safety net that guarantees a good performance. However, other country music singers, such as Allison Moorer, Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill, Garth Brooks and Martina McBride, have refused to use Auto-Tune." Okay, now let's move on to more pressing... Read more