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‘Nashville’ Episode 9 – RECAP


Nashville is back! Hooray! The hit TV show graced our screens once again last Wednesday, and oh were we glad to see it. A month is a long time in a love affair with a fictional narrative. Am I right? Either way, tonight sees episode 10 pick up where 9 left off, and thus we need a recap of 9, naturally. Here we go.

Well, let’s start with the big news! Juliette gets married! And she and the good, Christian boy Sean elope, and appear to have sex for the first time in the back of a cab. How very Gossip Girl. Juliette wants to keep it quiet, but, like all the news in this town, it gets out to Sean’s family, who aren’t too pleased but decide to arrange a church wedding, to authorize it before God. Under pressure from Sean’s overbearing mother who hates her, Juliette agrees to invite her mother, who is still in rehab. Sean then organizes for them both to meet with Jolene but Juliette decides to go alone. Her mother seems much more normal, but she questions Juliette’s choice to get married so quickly, talking about the hole inside both of them that cannot be filled. Juliette gets angry and storms off. The wedding goes ahead as planned, but the end of the episode reveals her in her beautiful wedding dress in the wedding car, being driven to... to... the airport. Not the church, where Sean and all their guests are waiting. Oh dear.

Alongside this, the news we’ve all being talking about – Rayna and Juliette’s tour. Rayna wants desperately to release her new album she’s been working on with Liam, but the popularity of ‘Wrong Song’ calls for a studio version, and the tour will help both of them rekindle their career. In addition, she just wants to get away from Teddy and the failing of her marriage, which, if we remember, was in tatters after she found out about Teddy’s lying, and Peggy tried to kill herself. While Peggy is heard to be fine, Rayna decides to start the tour earlier than scheduled, in a few days, and tells Teddy she’s taking the girls with her. He is furious and tells Tandy in his distress, who joins Lamar in confronting Rayna at her house. Lamar threatens to “tell Maddie who her real father is” at which point Rayna kicks him out. She then comes to tell Teddy at his work, where Lamar also is, and upon hearing what Lamar has said Teddy explodes and really yells at Lamar, as he has always known who Maddie’s real father is (Deacon, surely? I swear I predicted this!). While Rayna is very grateful, she later says she loves Teddy, but she knows neither of them are happy. She decides to go out on tour but leave the girls in school, seeing them when she can, as she and Teddy need the space to figure things out.

Deacon’s having a great time on the road, but it quickly transpires that he’s getting more attention from the press than the rest of the band, and he doesn’t like it, wants to remain in the background a little. An old flame in the form of a journalist returns, and her efforts to get him into bed are soon successful. She tries to figure out what is so bothering Deacon, but he won’t say (the plot thickens!).

Meanwhile, his niece, Scarlett, is trying to write songs with Gunnar, who after being rejected by her, is being moody and refuses to write. Avery returns to Nashville from Atlanta and explains to his band that the record label honcho wants him to go at it alone and drop his band, who are all childhood friends. JT, his best friend, is really angry and the other band members have to restrain him. Feeling sorry for himself, Avery goes to pick up the last of his things from Scarlett, and although she initially rebuffs his advances, they end up sleeping together. Afterwards, it seems like they might be back on, but upon finding out that Avery sacked the rest of the band to live his dream, Scarlett is furious and tells him to get out. Later, JT goes to see Scarlett at the Bluebird Cafe, as he left something there. He says he’s looking for a singer for their upcoming gig, and Scarlett offers, seeing as things with Gunnar aren’t going well. One great performance later, JT asks her to join the band on a regular basis, but she’s not sure. She goes to see Gunnar finally with a finished song and they make peace, making it look unlikely that she’ll join the band.

Episode 9 tied up a few loose ends from the winter break, but still leaves us with some drama to go on, particularly in the form of troubled Juliette. Luckily, we can see the fallout in tonight’s airing of episode 10, at 10/9c on ABC. See you there.

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