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She’s been through the mill a bit the last few years, LeAnn Rimes has. After her extra-marital affair, divorce, re-marriage, and battles with her new husband’s ex-wife have been played out very publicly in the media (including on the show the latter is a star of, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), you’d think that no more drama would come to her and she’d fade from the press a little. But perhaps her time in the negative spotlight hasn’t faded just yet.

On Wednesday LeAnn performed on The X Factor USA with Carly Rose, a 13-year-old contestant with a big voice. The performance was a sham from start to finish, if I’m honest. LeAnn came on (a little wobbly), grinning, and while Carly seemed to have done okay with the song before LeAnn arrived, both were honestly shocking after her appearance. Vocals were out of key, timing was over-played with, harmonies were horrible and nobody seemed to know when they were coming in. Both were attempting to improvise and they didn’t even seem to have met yet. It was generally a shambles and when I heard it I wanted to turn it off because the singing (from both) was that bad, While you could argue that Carly is only 13 and that exempts her, I would say why is she in this competition? I think it’s ridiculous to allow children under the age of 16 to participate, they are not emotionally ready for such a hard career (cause it’s hard graft you know), they need to finish school and it’s overall a bad idea because they are children and we’ve all seen what happens to child stars!

You could argue that LeAnn being a child star hasn’t exactly ensured a perfect upbringing, and she hasn’t been short of dramas in her life, particularly as she had to book herself into rehab for stress recently. So that brings me on to my next point. Many celebrities will have a shot of whiskey or something to calm their nerves before a performance. It’s standard practise for some and we only have to look at people like Hank Williams and George Jones to know that many musicians are alcoholics. People like Eric Church are regularly drunk on stage. But that’s possibly not so much the issue here. I think there has been a big reaction because LeAnn is female. It seems more uncouth in today’s society still for women to be drunk. I think there is also the issue of LeAnn singing with the girl. It was not her performance, and you could say that she isn’t setting a very good example for such a young girl if she is drunk on stage.

But I don’t even know if she was drunk on stage. The way she was acting could be a product of anything from stress/nerves, medication to combat those things (which I wouldn’t be surprised if she was on), alcohol, drugs, or even just being hyper and overly happy. Granted the latter seems a little unlikely because something was clearly off, but still. I’ve seen things about LeAnn potentially being ill which may explain the lack of vocals there, but I would say the most likely cause is medication for stress, seeing as LeAnn checked into rehab before. Side effects of these kinds of medications are varied and it may result in her being a little giddy, a little dizzy and a little out of it. However, she has claimed via Twitter that there was nothing wrong and if it was merely medication I’d expect her to have said so, to dispel the rumors. It’s an acceptable explanation. But she didn’t. So it leaves me wondering even more.

I think both Carly and LeAnn were trying to out-sing each other. LeAnn was probably trying to prove she still had it, and as the original singer of the song and an established artist she didn’t want to let Carly overshadow her. That’s a natural thing to feel. Meanwhile Carly wanted to show she could sing with the big guns, and that she could be as good if not better than well-known artists such as LeAnn. In the final, there are lots of conflicting things going on and this is probably just a product of everything at once.

However, I am still mystified by it, as there are some unanswered questions and LeAnn’s response has left everyone feeling a little confused. Even Carly didn’t look like she was enjoying what was unfolding onstage and seemed to completely lie when asked what it was like for her. What is going on with LeAnn? This follows accusations by her husband’s ex-wife that LeAnn is horribly anorexic and likes to leaves laxatives around her house for Brandi’s children to eat. While I’d be suspicious of random claims by a clearly bitter and jealous ex-wife, obviously something is still up with LeAnn and I hope she gets it sorted soon.

After all, her music was good enough without all of this.

You can watch the video for yourself here.

Posted by Vickye (Guest Writer).
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