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Jason Sirius  XM
Most successful singers probably have that one song that got away that ended up being a big hit for someone else. 

Jason Aldean's no different. 

During an exclusive SiriusXM Town Hall event, Jason revealed the big hit that he passed on ... by singing a piece of it. 

Question: Did you ever see a song, pass on it, somebody else recorded it and made a hit?

Jason: "Yep, yes I have. Actually when we were looking for songs for this "Night Train" album, my producer and I were flying out to Las Vegas and he was playing me some songs that he had found. I was really in the mindset of trying to find like up tempos and these big, rockin' sort of songs. So he's playing me these songs and I heard this one song that I dug but it wasn't really what I was looking for at the time and just kind of tossed it aside like, 'eh, it's okay,' but it's a song that goes ... Girl, you make my speakers go boom boom, dancin' on ... You know? So I passed on it, my brother got it and had a big ol' hit off of it. So ... but yeah, that happens quite a bit. 

Jason isn't the only one who has passed on what turned out to be a huge hit. Jason tells about another singer who was originally pitched one of Jason's biggest hits. 

But again it happened with a song that we had; Big Green Tractor was pitched to Jake Owen, he passed on it, we got it and four-week number one with it. I think certain songs like that fall into the right hands for a reason. That song was a big song for Luke and may not have even ever been a single for us so it landed where it was supposed to. 

Jason's definitely right, the songs do fall where they're meant to because I couldn't imagine anyone else singing Big Green Tractor or Luke Bryan's Drunk On You.

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