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Okay, technically Taylor hit one car and the other car hit her car so we're not really bordering on Amanda Bynes territory here, but it was two minor fender benders in one day which is kind of funny. 

Recently Taylor was featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and when the magazine sent a reporter to interview Taylor, they decided to go for a ride with Taylor driving. That's when Taylor's first accident happened.  According to Ace Showbiz, Taylor somehow managed to back into her bass player's car. 

The 22-year-old country music cutie accidentally hit a parked car and completely freaked out. "Oh my God!" she repeatedly said. 

It turned out the car belonged to her bass player. "I'm gonna pay for it, I promise! I'm good for it!" she added. "Amos, I'm so sorry. I freaked out 'cause I went the wrong way and he was gonna think I'm a bad driver and then I backed into another car. This is the worst interview he's ever had, already!" 

The girlfriend of Conor Kennedy continued, "I cannot believe there was a car behind me. I thought that- because I could only see the security car, and Amos' car was so low and I didn't look in the back camera and I was so sure no one was behind me." 

As if hitting a parked car wasn't bad enough, later in the day a Corvette sideswiped her car. 

"OK, that was my life flashing before my eyes," Taylor was quoted as saying. "What is this day? This is some strange alternate reality where things just go wrong a lot. That was the second time today! I'm going to have a nervous breakdown!" 

Wow, I bet that interviewer will rethink the whole interviewing-while-driving thing in the future. 

For Taylor's interview with the magazine, check out

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