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Actually, more precisely, Kenny talks about how he and Dolly NEVER had sex. Thank goodness. Sorry to give you a scare like that.  

Kenny's making the media rounds to promote his new autobiography "Luck or Something Like It" (purchase from, and I'm beginning to think it's one book that's really, really chock full of interestingly disturbing tidbits. 

Yesterday, Kenny stopped by the morning show "CBS This Morning" and one of the subjects they touched on was whether Kenny and Dolly Parton actually had an affair back in the '80s like many people liked to believe they did.  

Kenny says they didn't, but not because there wasn't any attraction.

"We had a real chemistry and love people talking about it. It was great to hear people talking about it and (she'd wink) and I would wink back. But we were too good of friends."

Whew. Could you imagine the shit-storm if Kenny had actually said they did have an affair? 

Okay, enough of those kinds of thoughts.  Excuse me while I go out and wash my brain.  

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