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Fans haven't been graced with a new SHeDaisy album since 2004's 'Sweet Right Here', but it sounds like there's finally something in the works. 

On Tuesday evening, one of the gals posted on the group's official Facebook:

We had a GREAT day in the studio today with some amazing musicians and creative team. Getting pumped with this NEW music! Just you wait...

Personally I'm tired of waiting, but as long as there's light at the end of the tunnel, I think I can wait just a little bit longer. 

Get it in gear girls, I miss you!

UPDATE: My Bad. As commenter Jordan pointed out, I wrongly listed "Sweet Right Here" as SHeDAISY's last album when in fact "Fortuneteller's Melody" from 2006 is their last album. Funny enough, Google didn't list the 2006 album for some reason and I went by what they had. 

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