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Jason Aldean

Looks like someone forgot this is 2012 and there are cameras EVERYWHERE.

Big brother and little brother are always watching. 

Seems Jason Aldean forgot he was a married man last week and got himself photographed kissing a young woman in a bar in California who isn't his wife.

According to TMZ, Jason went to a bar on the Sunset Strip called The Den last Wednesday and ended up flirting hot and heavy with Season 11 'American Idol' contestant Brittany Kerr. The two reportedly were "hugging, touching each other and at one point it appears Aldean goes in for a kiss."

The only good news about this whole mess is that Jason left the bar with his buddies and without Brittany. 

I may consider myself a gossip site but I actually really don't like these sorts of stories and this really should be between Jason and his wife of 11 years, Jessica, but man, come on, be a little smarter and don't do crap in public where TMZ and the rest of the gossiping world can have proof of your momentary and/or recurrent dipshitedness with pictures. Sheesh. 

Here's Brittany in case you're curious. You can also see more photos over on TMZ. 

Update: TMZ has posted a whole slew of new pictures of Jason and Brittany. If you don't believe it's him then make sure you look at the pictures. 


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