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American Idol
It's now day 5687 of the Great American Idol Judge Watch 2012 -- or something like that -- and news on the street (TMZ) is that the show is running out of time to get their judging deals signed, sealed, and delivered. 

According to TMZ, the show is scheduled to begin their "on-air auditions in New York City in 2 weeks, and only one judge has signed a deal."

That judge, of course, is Mariah Carey who earlier this year signed an $18 million a year deal. 

Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban are still the judging front runners but so far haven't fully committed and haven't signed anything. 

According to the gossip site, the Idol bosses want four judges this year because they don't think two women and one guy judging would work very well, but they haven't actually picked a fourth judge yet. 

Randy Jackson will move on to being a mentor on the show, but he hasn't signed a new contract either. 

That means all that's for sure so far is Mariah Carey and Ryan Seacrest. 

With less than two weeks to go until they're supposed to start shooting for the new season, I'm thinking Idol bosses may want to level the playing field a bit and offer the other judge choices something closer to $18 million deal. 

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