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Carrie Steven Tyler
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen so much confusion about one song. 

So last month, Carrie Underwood's duet with Aerosmith on their upcoming album was officially confirmed. At first we didn't know which song it was and so the world sort of started guessing based on the album's track list. Then came word from the band's bass player, Tom Hamilton, during an interview that the song Carrie is on was called Beautiful.  

We all took his word for it that that was the name of the song. 

There also is a decidedly country song, “Beautiful,” that Hamilton helped write and which features country superstar Carrie Underwood.

“I mean, we didn’t really sit down and say, ‘Let’s write something that sounds country,’ but it did come out, you know?” he says. “And it’s just a reflection of the fact that everybody in the band loves country music, so it’s going to be an influence at some point.”

End of story, right? 


Aerosmith's website now has a full write up about their album, basically a press release, that says Carrie and Steven Tyler's duet is called Can't Stop Loving You

MUSIC FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION presents AEROSMITH in ferociously fine form and at the peak of their powers.  They’re the only band of their stature with all-original members and who are playing better than ever have before.  The album abounds with one highlight after another, including “Out Go The Lights,” “Oh Yeah,” “Luv XXX,” “We All Fall Down,” “Street Jesus” and “Can’t Stop Loving You,” on which Tyler duets with Carrie Underwood.  The album also includes “Freedom Fighter” which features Johnny Depp on backing vocals.  See the full track listing below.

If you visit, it also lists Can't Stop Loving You as featuring Carrie Underwood. 

So who got it wrong? Was it the band's bass player who originally talked about the song or did the interviewer misquote him on which song featured Carrie? The funny thing about this is that the bass player was a cowriter on the song so you would think if anyone would know, it would be him. Maybe the press release and have gotten it wrong and it's still Beautiful and not Can't Stop Loving You that features Carrie. 

Or maybe this all was a sneaky ploy to keep us country bloggers talking about the album long after we normally would have stopped. Mission accomplished if that's the case.

So far there aren't any clips of either song floating around so I guess we'll have to wait until the album comes out November 6th to actually figure it out for sure. 

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