Update on Randy Travis: He was simply defending his girlfriend from her husband
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Randy Travis' girlfriend's husband seeks restraining order

Randy Travis mary beough national enquirerPhoto of Randy Travis and Mary Beougher via National Enquirer

I think I smell a lawsuit coming. 

Yesterday I told you about the TMZ story about Randy Travis getting ticketed for assaulting some guy in the parking lot of a church while drunk after butting into a family dispute. Then later came the People.com story that says that Randy wasn't actually drunk and the guy he was ticketed for assaulting was the estranged husband of Randy's girlfriend. 

Neither of those stories mentioned who the alleged assault victim was or who Randy's girlfriend was that he was reportedly defending. 

Well late last night I got an unexpected email from Randy's sparring partner's attorney, a Mr. Gregory Shamoun of Dallas, who seemed a bit peeved that Randy was being portrayed as the knight in shining armor. 

The story told about Randy Travis defending his paramour is a total fabrication.

I am the victims attorney. Travis assaulted my client and threatened to kill him. The "knight in shining armor" although wearing cloths at night this time, acted out with a violent rage. A TRO hearing is set on Monday with an Injunction trial on Friday next week. Perhaps "the knight" can find his clothes and rest assured he will desperately need some "armor" when on the witness stand under oath.

A passionate fella indeed. 

A TRO hearing is a hearing for a temporary restraining order. Not sure about an injunction trial is and I'm pretty much too lazy to go and figure it out. 

Since none of the stories I had read yesterday mentioned the wife and estranged husband's name, I asked Mr. Shamoun and he confirmed that Dallas cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ritchie Beougher, is his client and his estranged wife Mary Beougher is Randy's girlfriend he was reportedly defending. 

He agreed to give me an update or possibly a statement from Dr. Beougher if he released one so we'll see if that happens.

Despite the above, my thoughts on all of this still remain the same....I hope Randy gets some help soon. 

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