Picture of Tim McGraw and his new band members

Tim and his new band
Ever since Tim McGraw fired his long-time band, The Dancehall Doctors, last year, people have been coming to the site looking for more info about the new band members. 

From what I understand, not everyone from his old band got fired but many did. According to one site I read, Tim fired five of the original eight band members. 

So here's the first picture I've seen of Tim and the new band that was posted yesterday to Tim's Facebook.The picture was taken before Tim's Austin City Limits TV taping a few weekends ago. There are no names associated with the picture so feel free to jump in and comment if you know any of their names. 



7 thoughts on “Picture of Tim McGraw and his new band members”

  1. Adam Shoenfeld is one of the best guitars in country music so great hire by Tim! He got his big break with Big & Rich and has recording credits on albums and songs with Big & Rich, Jason Aldean, Craig Morgan, Tim McGraw, and a lot of other popular artists in the industry. Love the sound he has and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of his work in the years to come.

  2. His line-up now is awesome. Change is good. I didn’t know about the change till Austin city limits show and I said “Hey, That’s Adam from big and rich”. I knew then his band was killer.

  3. Second on the left is Bob Minner he is a founding member of the Dance Hall Doctors and has been with Tim since the begining.

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