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Miranda Lambert and the other Annies 'Say Yes To The Dress'

Miranda syttdMiranda and Ashley rating one of Angaleena's wedding dress choices

Too much fun! 

I've just finished watching a special screening of TLC's 'Say Yes to the Dress' that features Miranda Lambert helping her fellow Pistol Annie, Angaleena Presley, pick out her wedding dress and have to say the episode is a load of sassy fun. 

As you may remember, Angaleena, AKA Holler Annie, ran off and got married back in May. Well before she and her new husband eloped, Angaleena took along Miranda and the third Annie, Ashley, to find a wedding dress with the help of the 'Say Yes to the Dress' crew.

From the press release:  

On Friday, August 24 at 9pm ET/PT, TLC continues to heat up the end of summer with a new season of SAY YES TO THE DRESS: ATLANTA. It all starts with a special episode featuring country singer Miranda Lambert as she helps her band mate from The Pistol Annies, Angaleena, find a wedding gown. Angaleena is eloping and wants to satisfy her family and friends’ desire to see her in a wedding gown. But her entourage is not letting her off that easy as they’re sure to sing out their opinions. Season four continues with protective southern dads, divorced and opinionated parents, jealous sisters, and even a professional football cheerleading squad. SAY YES TO THE DRESS: ATLANTA is taped inside Bridals by Lori, one of the largest and busiest bridal salons in the south. The series follows a variety of particular and strong-willed southern brides and their entourages as they set out to find their perfect wedding dress.

I've never watched the show before today, but after watching this episode this morning, I have to say it's definitely worth setting your DVRs for on the 24th.   

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