Kenny Chesney hides while security guard flips fan off

Well now that's no way to greet fans!

KILT radio has a happy little picture of Kenny Chesney after his Brothers of the Sun Tour stop on Saturday at Reliant Park in Houston where Kenny's covering his face with his cowboy hat and the guy, presumably a body guard, driving the golf cart with Kenny in it is flipping off fans. 

What is up with that?  

KILT says about the incident: 

One of our Foley & Thunder KILT listeners was within the confines of Reliant Stadium Saturday for the Brother’s Of The Son Tour.  After the encore Kenny was headed somewhere (presumably back to his tour bus) in a golf cart. We assume this gentleman with Kenny is a bodyguard.

Kenny obviously was done with the show and was in no mood to be in any photograph and the guy next to him knew it too. What we don’t know is if our listener yelled something at Kenny first or was just hoping to get a picture. Should Kenny be blamed for not wanting to be photographed backstage? Maybe he was in a bad mood, maybe he was just tired, but why cover your face after being in front of 35,000 people? Afterall he was just speeding by in a golf cart and not asked to pose.

By-the-way, the person trying to take a picture is a female listener.

Let's hope the fan who took the picture saluted the guard right back!

Check out the picture here.

UPDATE: I hear KILT has removed the original story. You can check out the picture here instead



6 thoughts on “Kenny Chesney hides while security guard flips fan off”

  1. Tired or not, he still could had been nice. If it was not for the fans money, he would not have the life. FO Kenny!

  2. I doubt that it was his security guard, and I am somewhat doubtful of this story. In all the years that I’ve been following Kenny I’ve only heard of one incident where he was ‘testy’. I’ve met him in person numerous times, as have friends of mine. Also, there’s usually two sides to every story.

  3. Kenny Chesney is very hospitable to his fans, and the guy driving the cart is my good friend. My friend is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet in your life, and everyone that knows him would say the same. In the picture it looks like he is telling people to back off, because he needs to get Kenny from point A to B rather quickly (standard procedure after a concert). Kenny gives it his all on the stage, and the man is wiped out after a concert.

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