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Johnny Cash song featured in new Brad Pitt movie trailer

Hey guys, sorry I've been gone. I've got a bug I can't seem to shake and I feel blah and feverish and headachy and body achy and all around guck so I haven't felt much like sitting here working.

I need to make my fortune so I can hire some lackeys to do the work for me at times like this. :0)

Anyway, I was doing a little surfing when I came across this trailer for Brad Pitt's new flick 'Killing Them Softly'. Towards the end of the trailer a voice came on that sounded very familiar. I Googled and found out that I was right, it's Johnny Cash's song The Man Comes Around

Very cool -- and the movie looks intense and bloody and awesome. 

'Killing Them Softly' hits theaters 9/21/12. 

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