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John Rich twitter
John Rich is known for being an outspoken person and isn't afraid to tell it how he sees it. When it comes to politics, John seems to be doubly outspoken and last night on Twitter he took on Clay Aiken for a tweet Clay sent about the lack of African Americans attending the Republican National Convention in Florida.

Clay's original tweet said: 

John Rich quickly chimed in and said: 

Turns out Clay's tweet sentiment has a Twitter history and had already been bashed after an African American councilman and NAACP member recently made a similar tweet and added the hashtag #negrospotting. 

I wasn't aware of this history, but John Rich was. He later said: 

After reading the various responses to Clay's tweet I'm still not sure if people were mad because they think Clay is racist or because they think he dissed the Republican party by calling them racist in a roundabout way. 

Deciphering feelings and thoughts behind tweets can be so tiring sometimes. 

One thing's for sure, Clay wasn't backing down from his original tweet. The last tweet he sent out last night was in response to John, saying: 

Just as a refresher, Clay and John know each other personally as Clay was the runner up when John won last year's Celebrity Apprentice.

Hope they're able to kiss and make up soon. Hate to see a friendship (?) end over a tweet. 

UPDATE: Was just informed the pair weren't on the same Celebrity Apprentice, John was last season and Clay was the season before and was runner up to Arsenio Hall. My bad. 

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