Willie Nelson changes mind about adopting two abused horses

Willie nelson abused horse
Well this is certainly an unfortunate turn of events.  

Back in March, Willie Nelson had made headlines after promising to adopt two horses named Whisper and Traveler who had been starved, burned, and abused by Summerville, SC resident Dwight Benjamin McCloud.  McCloud was eventually fined more than $5,000 after pleading guilty to seven counts of animal cruelty. 

Willie Nelson's promise of adoption seemed to be the happiest ending two abused horses could hope for. Unfortunately, the adoption has fallen through and the horses are once again looking for a new home.  

Willie's daughter, Amy Nelson, recently informed the Summerville Patch that the family is unable to take the horses as planned.  

"Regretfully we are unable to adopt Whisper and Traveler due to lack of resources for proper care. My dad has over 70 horses to care for, as it is now," Nelson wrote to Patch. "We feel it would be irresponsible of us to take on Whisper or Traveler at this time. We do wish them and the ones who care for them the very best."

I sure hope a forever home can be found soon. If you'd like to see the progress Whisper and Traveler have made since their rescue in March, you can visit here. Warning though, some of the photos are disturbing.  

To donate to LEARN, the facility which is currently housing the two horses as well as other rescues, or to possibly adopt a horse, click here



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