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Jake owenSending out my condolences to Jake Owen who lost a very special person in his life yesterday, his Godmother Pearl. 

Last night, Jake sent out a tweet saying: I appreciate everyones thoughts and prayers for my angel in life, Pearl. She's passed on to a greater life. Ride the wind, til we meet again

Many people wondered just who Pearl was.  After a little digging, I found this quote Jake gave to Popwatch back in '09: 

Your best communal moviegoing experience?
Rocky. Pearl [shows the tattoo of her name on the inside of his wrist] is like the angel of my life and she’s my godmother. She’s 66 now, but she cusses like a sailor, drinks like a fish, and smokes like a chimney. I’ll never forget when she took me to see Rocky. Rocky was gettin’ his ass kicked, and then he comes back and starts beatin’ that guy, and Pearl stood up in the middle of the theater and goes, "Kick his f—in’ ass, Rocky!" As though it was happening right there right then. Here I was, like, eight-years-old, and I’m lookin’ up at her. I’ll never forget that. People are screamin’ at the screen.

As mentioned above, Jake has Pearl's name tattooed on his left wrist. You can see a picture here.  

Again, sending out well wishes and condolences to Jake. 

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