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Want to own some of Whitney Duncan's stuff? Just head to eBay

Whitneys shoesIt's always exciting getting something signed by a famous person. You know what's probably even more exciting? Getting to walk in their shoes....literally. 

For the last couple of days Whitney Duncan has been tweeting links to stuff on eBay, Christian Louboutin Heels in particular. I finally followed one of the links that led to a sexy pair of strappy heels that I could never wear in a million years, mainly because they're a size 7, but then there's that whole trying-to-kill-myself-if-I-walk-in-heels thing I've talked about in the past.

Well after looking around I realized that they are Whitney's actual shoes. Whitney, user ID whitdt, has sold all kinds of stuff -- bathing suit from the time she was on Survivor, shoes, a guitar, some music.  

Spring cleaning time it appears.  

Pretty cool if you ask me. It's like going to a garage sale and having Brad Paisley come out to take your money personally. Hello! 

If you'd like to take a look at what Whitney has to sell, just head over to eBay.  

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