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L.A. Dirt castTracy Lawrence on the set of L.A. Dirt with fellow cast members Madeline Thelton, and Michael Roark.
Photo: Alex Torrez

Tracy Lawrence just spent a week on the set of L.A. Dirt in Mobile, Alabama for his acting debut in the upcoming feature film. Lawrence on the heels of an exciting week during CMA Fest in Nashville began filming on June 9.

L.A. Dirt is a story about a young man’s dream to become a champion dirt track racer. Lawrence plays the supporting role of the uncle to Ty Hargrove (Michael Roark, Dolphin Tale), the eighteen year-old aspiring racer. The film combines the action of Days of Thunder, the romance of Urban Cowboy, and the feel-good of Rocky into a PG family feature.

L.A. Dirt plans to wrap principal photography on June 30, 2012.

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About LA DIRT - The Movie
This is the story of eighteen year-old Ty Hargrove. Ty wants to be a champion dirt track racer, but that takes money and support, two things he’s short on. Snake Turner is the rich boy local champion who has it all. Complications arise when Ty threatens to take away both Snake’s title and his girl.

L.A. Dirt combines the action of Days of Thunder, the romance of Urban Cowboy, and the feel-good of Rocky into a PG family feature. You’ll laugh, cry, grip your seat during the races, and cheer at the finish line.

Ty Hargrove is an eighteen year-old country boy living with his impoverished, alcoholic father at the edge of a clay pit in Bay Minette, Alabama. In spite of his disadvantages Ty is bull-headed to succeed and make something of himself. During the week he’s a manager at his uncle’s telephone pole plant. On the weekend he pursues his passion, racing on the dirt track. Ty and his sidekick, Lurvy Wilson, have spent countless hours building their race car in the evenings. With the financial support of Uncle Charlie, their dream is to beat the local champion, Snake Turner, and go all the way to the state championship.
When Snake’s girlfriend falls for Ty, things get heated. Then Ty’s uncle dies suddenly, leaving him without a sponsor and a father figure in his life. Now, with the whole town finally believing in him, Ty finds it hard to believe in himself.

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