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Aaron tippin
Holy guacamole, Batman! 

I got this picture in a press release.  I'm impressed.

On July 3rd Aaron Tippin will be celebrating his 54th birthday. Incidentally, that's also my brother-in-law's 44th (I think, shhhh) birthday.   

From the birthday email/sales pitch:

Aaron will be having a birthday but you would never know by looking at him that he will be turning fifty-four years old this year. He is the fittest man in country music. Tippin has been taking care of himself with exercise and nutrition for over 25 years. Aaron and his wife Thea have a nutrition line called Aaron Tippin Nutrition and it is not just a gimmick, to Aaron and Thea it is a lifestyle that they want to share with others.

By looking at Tippin's physic and how he runs around on stage like he is twenty-four years old you can tell he is in the best shape of his life.

Aaron and his wife Thea workout together. She has been his training partner for many years. Living well and making good nutritional decisions is a family affair. Tippin attributes living well to his nutrition products and says, "I feel as good as ever and ready for 54 more birthdays." Visit Aaron on line and check out

I'll have whatever (oh, Tip N Shaker apparently) he's having.  

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