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Pistol Annies
The Pistol Annies seem like they've been around forever now, but it's actually only been like a year.  Isn't that odd to think about?  I Googled and their very public performance was on April 11, 2011, during the Girls' Night Out: Superstar Women of Country special. Amazing that's all it's been.    

Well now it seems that the group might not have happened at all because Miranda Lambert didn't want to be friends with the other blonde in the group, Ashley Monroe, at least for a little while.  

Miranda tells The Advocate that when she started out as a teenager on Sony Music Nashville, Ashley was also signed to the label, which made her Miranda's competition. 

“Of course, I was reluctant to be friends with her because she was another blonde on my label,” Lambert recalled. “But I listened to her record and it blew me away. She’s so great. So this crazy friendship started. It’s fun to be best friends with someone you also share a passion with.”

It's a good thing Miranda got over her initial misgivings about Ashley, also known as Hippie Annie, because it was Ashley who introduced Miranda to Angaleena, AKA Holler Annie.  

Now Miranda says the trio is like an old married couple.   

“In a way, it’s a marriage,” says Miranda. “We write together, we do everything together. It’s cool. Girls don’t get along all the time but, if there is a fight, it’s usually two in a fight and one of us as a mediator.”

The girls of the band are currently writing for their second album and hope to record it this fall and release it sometime next year.  

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