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Kellie Pickler pets
Kellie Pickler, it seems, has the same issue as Miranda Lambert...she's an animal rescue addict.  

Kellie tells that her habit of bringing home animals she's rescued while out on tour has gotten to the point that her husband Kyle has had to put his foot down recently. 

"My husband will not let me have any more animals than we do now," she tells PEOPLE. "He never knows when the bus rolls up at home, I open the bus door, and he's wondering what critter's going to crawl off of there now." 

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But it sounds like Kellie's also about ready to slow down on the rescuing front due to her attachment issues. 

"I love being able to take in rescue dogs, rescue animals," she says. "But the sad thing is when you get attached to them and you have to give them away." 

Awww. Check out video of Kellie talking about her rescuing addiction over on

And speaking of Kellie, she has teamed up with ConAgra foods to ensure that as few children as possible go hungry this summer.  

Millions of kids spend their summer without meals. Country music artist Kellie Pickler has joined with the ConAgra Foods Foundation to help raise awareness and provide more meals for kids across the US. Join us in the fight to end child hunger by downloading or sharing the Hunger Avengers activity booklet.

You can read more about Kellie's involvement with Feeding America on the press release here or on ConAgra's Facebook here.

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