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If this is Nathan Blankenship -- aka the Kenny Chesney look-a-like -- in action, I'm starting to see why kicking him out wasn't such a bad thing

Okay, this is odd. I found this video from 2010 that says it's Nathan Blankenship (aka, the guy who got kicked out of the Brothers of the Sun tour for looking like Kenny Chesney) doin' his thang at a baseball game. The guy in the video is clearly enjoying people thinking he's Kenny Chesney and he's very good at it. He even appears to sign something for an apparent confused fan.   

I'm honestly not sure if this is Nathan because the guy in this video has what appears to be two arms full of tattoos and the Nathan Blankenship that we've seen the last couple of days only has one visible Superman S tattoo. I guess it's possible the tattoos in the video could be fakes, but who does that? It's also quite possible that the person who owns the video may have went and changed the description to capitalize on the recent publicity.  

I've been of a mind that kicking someone out of a concert for looking too similar to the star of the show is downright idiotic, but if Nathan was acting like the guy in the above video and people were acting similar to those in the video, I'm starting to get a clearer picture of just why this could be a problem and possibly a safety issue.  

Get a bunch of drunk people who mistakenly think they're seeing Kenny Chesney in the crowd at one of his concerts where people are already jazzed up and there's no telling how crazy it might have gotten.   

I don't know. What do you guys think?

UPDATE:  As I suspected, this video isn't Nathan and he's had quite a few friends come forward to defend him in the comments and in my inbox. I do want to say that I'm sure that Nathan's a really nice guy, I don't doubt that in the least, and I also believe him when he says he doesn't impersonate Kenny Chesney.  That said, if the fans at the concert acted even slightly like the fans in the above video, I can still understand where security was coming from.   

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