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Video from immediately after the explosion at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville

Wow! This definitely looks like a confusing mess.

As I mentioned several times last night, there was an explosion Tuesday evening at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  5000 people had to be evacuated, including up to 500 sheriffs from around the country who were at the hotel for a conference. 

From the reports I've read and reported on, the explosion was supposed to have happened in some sort of mechanical room, but from the looks of the video above, significant damage happened in the hotel and not just the room where the explosion took place.  

From the YouTube description:

This video was taken directly after the explosion at the Opryland Hotel, located in Nashville, TN. The explosion shook the entire wing of the hotel, dust fell from the ceilings, and debris was left throughout. Luckily, nobody has been reported injured.

Wait until the 1:06 mark to see the REAL damage. Scary as crap. Amazing that no one was hurt.  

You can read Gaylord's official statement regarding the explosion here.

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