Good news ladies! The women of country music are officially the most wholesome bunch of the lot
I'm not sure what message Dierks Bentley is trying to get across here, but I definitely like his style

To all those who have written me about helping out on the blog

You know, I have a section there in the left hand sidebar about writing for NashvilleGab. You know what I haven't done in like eight months?  Checked the email that I posted to contact me at if you were interested in helping out.  


I'm blonde, what can I say? 

Anyway, I've set the email account ( up so that instead of having to go manually check the email (which I'm obviously not capable of doing), my email program checks it automatically and I don't have to do anything except answer the emails.

Now that leaves all the emails sitting in the email account.  I would write to everyone but many of them are really, really old....and I feel like an if you've written in the past and are still interested in doing a little writing, just shoot me an email ( and maybe this go around we can actually talk.   


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