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Tim McGraw headphonesTim McGraw photo via YouTube/official headphone commercial

My daughter, Caitlin, is 13 going on 24, and as such, I'm a total embarrassment to her and anything I do tends to bring a look of absolute mortification to her beautiful face. 

It's actually kind of fun and explains why I love to break out spontaneously in Lady Gaga songs whenever she and I go shopping together.  

It's the little things, you know? 

Well Tim McGraw apparently knows exactly how I feel. 

Yesterday it was revealed that Tim is the first country artist to come out with a signature line of headphones. Seems everyone in his family loves the sound quality, but not everyone wants to be seen using them.  

Tim tells The Washington Post that his daughters love the headphones but are mortified at the thought of wearing them where anyone can actually see them. 

“It’s tough to get them to go outside of the house,” McGraw joked of his three daughters, ages 10, 13 and 14, who balk at being seen wearing the headphones, which prominently feature his signature. “I’m probably the most uncool person they know in their eyes.”

Yes, I guess even being super famous can't save you from being an embarrassment your kids. 

But no worries, Tim says that Faith has no problem wearing them.  

“She wears them all the time, and was a big part of their design,” McGraw says.

Tim's new headphones, available in over-the-ear style and earbuds, will soon be available to purchase (if they're not already) at Walmart, Guitar Center, and JBL.com.

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