The AP digs up Loretta Lynn’s deep dark secret

Loretta Lynn
Cue the suspenseful music…dum dum dummmmm. 

They say it's never polite to ask a lady her age, but apparently the Associated Press never got that memo. 

It's being reported that for some reason a reporter decided to do a little digging on Loretta Lynn and turned up documents that prove Loretta is three years older than she's always led people to believe. 

According to the AP, that means Loretta is 80 and not 77. 



One thing that actually makes this story a good thing is that the AP apparently found a marriage certificate that shows Loretta was actually almost 16 when she married instead of 13, as was reported in Lynn's book Coal Miner's Daughter and the subsequent Oscar-winning movie by the same name.  

I don't suppose anyone will really care that Loretta's older than she has always said, but one thing's for sure, Loretta's not talking. 

When her rep, Nancy Russell, was asked to comment, she said Loretta had told her in no uncertain terms that it isn't anyone's business how old she is.

Amen to that, Sistah!



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