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Jewel and Martina McBride do things a bit differently, write notes to their kids for Mother's Day

I really like this idea.  

Usually Mother's Day is all about your moms (as it should be), but US magazine took a different approach and asked some famous moms to write notes to their children.  

Jewel and Kase

Jewel and Kase photo via Us magazine

Jewel wrote to son Kase about choosing a career:

Kase, your dad and I want you to find a career you're passionate about, like we are. Whether you choose music, or rodeo like your dad (I kind of hope it's not bull-riding -- so dangerous!), that passion is the sail that will carry you through any storm. With a strong sense of yourself, you'll never feel lost. Let that be your compass. -- Jewel to son Kase, 9 months.

Martinamcbride_daughters_hPhoto via GAC

Martina McBride wrote to her three daughters about life after leaving home. 

Girls, go out and experience life -- but be careful! I think back to how naive and reckless I was when I was first on my own. So here's what I'm preaching: Don't accept a drink from a stranger. Don't walk to your car alone in a parking garage. I worry! -- Martina McBride to her daughters Delaney, 17, Emma, 14, and Ava 6.

Again, what a cool idea.  If you'd like to write a note to your child for their future selves but don't want to leave a note lying around that might get lost, thrown away, used for a coaster, or whatever, there's a very cool website called Future Me that lets you write emails to yourself, date it for the future, and it will deliver the note to the email you gave on the date you choose, even if its 20 years in the future (if you have the same email anyway).  I can't see why it wouldn't work to write a sweet little note to your kids that they could receive in the future.   

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