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Craig Morgan
Craig Morgan apparently has acting in his blood and is hoping that this week he will be able to make a huge announcement regarding his new-found passion. 

Craig called into Tampa Bay's WQYK 99.5 on Tuesday and let listeners know that after getting a taste of life in front of the camera on Army Wives, he's hoping to get more into acting and is working on something as we speak.  

“I just did a reading for a show that I hope to make an announcement this week, because it’s a big deal–a TV show on a major channel, ” the country crooner told WQYK.

Craig wouldn't spill the beans about what show he's auditioning for, but he did let the cat out of the bag that the part he's trying for is for a medical examiner. 

Craig also has an interesting vision for the medical examiner, one that involves a little murder. 

“I’m hoping that the medical examiner turns into a reoccurring role, and that I start having a relationship with this one person, and then she finds out that I’m a serial killer!”

Craig has promised to let fans know if he got the part as soon as he knows, so I will definitely be keeping my eyes and ears open for any news to pass onto you guys.  

In the meantime, you can listen to Craig's entire interview with WQYK here

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