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Blake Shelton releases surprise concert DVD exclusively to Walmart - updated

Wow, usually these sorts of things are promoted to the hilt, but on Tuesday Blake Shelton

It's all about tonightreleased a new concert DVD exclusively to Walmart and that I don't think anyone knew was coming. 

Or maybe everyone knew and I was the only one in the dark. That happens occasionally. 

“Live: It’s All About Tonight” contains 6 songs - All About TonightWho Are You When I’m Not LookingThat Thing We DoDraggin The River (Featuring Miranda Lambert), Suffocating, and Got a Little Country that were gleaned from his 2010 “All About Tonight” concert so it sounds kind of short (at least according to here).  

Here's a preview of Blake's “Live: It’s All About Tonight” concert special that aired on GAC back in 2010.  

Seems like it would have been tough to pick only 6 songs when there were so many good ones to choose from.  Glad I didn't have that job, I'm definitely not very good at making decisions like that.    

UPDATE:  Blake's DVD isn't so short afterall.  Here's the full track listing. 

"It's All About Tonight"
"The More I Drink"
"Kiss My Country Ass"
"Who Are You When I'm Not Looking"
"She Wouldn't Be Gone"
"Some Beach"
"Ol' Red"
"Hillbilly Bone"
"Got a Little Country"
"Goodbye Time"
"Honey Bee" (Video)
"God Gave Me You" (Video)

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