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Heaven's landingHeaven's Landing runway photo courgesy Heaven's Landing website

Alan Jackson has been selling off quite a bit of property in the last couple of years, reportedly so he can simplify his life.  

First there was the huge 19,000 square foot home called Sweetbriar that he sold for $28 million a few years back. Now he's trying to sell another Tennessee property for a little less than $3.4 million and he's also trying to unload his Jupiter Island, Florida property.  

If you were worried about Alan being homeless with all this property selling, don't worry too much because he's apparently found a slice of heaven in a gated community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia that, while only a seven minute drive to Clayton, Georgia, population 2198, is geared more towards the resident who likes to come by plane rather than by more earthbound means.  

Heaven's Landing is an exclusive 635 acre mountainous community geared towards pilots that now proudly boasts a very famous resident. In their monthly newsletter, they officially introduced Jackson to his neighbors:

Heaven’s Landing is proud to introduce a world famous new addition, to our also world famous fly-in community.  Grammy Award winning country music star Alan Jackson, and his wife Denise recently became new owners at Heaven’s Landing.  You’ll notice the couple flying in regularly in either their Falcon 50 or their Lear 24.  

“They are some of the most down to earth people that you will ever meet”, says developer Mike Ciochetti Jr.  Being an avid pilot himself, Alan appreciates his small fleet of private jets as he uses them for both business and family travel.  Heaven’s Landing is proud to have both Alan and Denise as new members of the Heaven’s Landing family of owners.

They even include a picture of Alan and Denise coming in for a landing in one of their above-mentioned planes.  

Alan Jackson plane
No word on whether Alan and Denise bought an already-built home or are planning on building a custom one (I'm thinking they will be going custom), but if you're looking to relocate to be closer to your idol, it's gonna cost you. This real estate site has some properties in Heaven's Landing including hangars, bare land, and actual homes and they definitely cost a pretty penny....but I'm pretty sure you probably already guessed it would. 

Thanks Gayle for the heads up on this.  

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